Family Photos – Who are these people?

NOTE: We are using this page instead of the blog post for comments.  Replys on a page are easier to follow than in a blog flow.

Well all be… a box of family photos was found at the Burgeron place the other day. We’re not sure who’s who in these snapshots. There were no captions on the back, only the name Louridge on the box. Anybody recognize a face, location or event? And I’m sure there must be more family photos out there. How about posting them to the site so the rest of us can take a look?

There was another box of much older photos, again without any identifiers. If we can’t figure out who these people are, at the very least we should add a caption or two. Help us out here. The comments section is a great place to leave your input.

(B&W photos found on Flickr courtesy of the US National Library of Congress)


4 thoughts on “Family Photos – Who are these people?

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