Tibetan Tales

The Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival is underway. Our weekly Around The World workshops are a place to learn more about a culture and to build your creative digital muscles.  Participate in a workshop anytime or dip your digital toes into all nine!

CHECK OUT THIS NEW RESOURCE: Open source video and other digital media for fair-goers to use in creating their art. http://pararchive.com/

Week 6: Tibetan Tales & YouTube Tribulations


Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: http://mythfolklore.blogspot.com/2014/03/myth-folklore-unit-tibetan-folk-tales.html

tibetanfolktales“Overview. These Tibetan Folk Tales were collected by Albert Shelton, a doctor and explorer who lived in Tibet for two decades in the early 20th century; he died there in 1922, and his wife published this book in 1925 based on his notes. You will find Buddhist legends here, along with traditional stories of Tibetan gods and goddesses, as well as magicians and wonder-workers. There are stories of ghosts and demons, plus many animal stories, including animal tricksters like the frog who is able to trick a tiger, or the rabbit who is able to trick a lion. There are fairy-tale stories, too, along with stories of human drama, both comical and tragic. Each of the stories is prefaced by a Tibetan proverb, and there are lovely illustrations for many of the stories, as you can see here in the first story when the frog confronts the tiger.”

This week’s digital skills workshop: Making Movies

To assist festival-goers in further developing their digital literacy skills and establishing a personal digital identity, each week we highlight a different topic being sponsored by the Bank of DS106 Assignment with volunteer support from the Open DS106 community.  This week we suggest Making Movies.

NEW RESOURCE: Open source video and other digital media resource for fair-goers to use in creating their art. http://pararchive.com/

Rather than specifying “assignments” everyone is encouraged to learn more about the topic of, making movies,  by visiting the Open DS106 Syllabus and choosing something to create from an array of video based digital projects. Each project links to examples of work completed by others.  They also include links to tutorials that can help you learn how to complete the work. By tagging your posts (either on the Burgeron Family blog or a personal blog) with both VideoAssignments and VideoAssignments#### your work will be added to the list of examples.  I found these tips for writing up ds106 Assignments in a blog post most helpful.

The Burgeron family blog is always available for posting. (If you need editor access or help let us know.) Or you can post to your own personal blog. Let us know there’s something new with a tweet tagged with #burgeron106 and posting a quick note at our DS106 Google+ Community.


What Do Fairy Tales Teach Our Children?


Today’s “fairy tales” are usually referring to the cleansed, safe versions found in Disney-trademarked stories that are filled with enchanted forests, singing birds, and happy endings. Many have no idea that traditional fairy tales, particularly the Grimm variety, fully intended to both frighten and instruct children in the harsh realities of life.

Some believe they should be banished. While others say that we should return to telling the stories as the Grimms and old lore told them — as warnings and morality tales. [Above excerpt adapted from the linked post.]

What do you think?

We invite you to visit any or all of the  Around the World workshops being held this year at the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival.



Goldilocks and the 3 Bears The Movie

The Burgeron Family had come together and created a movie of the classic fairytale – Goldilocks and the 3 Bears after reviews of the audio version were over the top positive.

As virtual attendance to the festival is growing and becoming the option of choice, NanaLou, Great grandson DJ, Mama Boo, Cousin Ron, Cousin Bernie and some help from Dr. M and the famous Headless Inskspots (Viv and David) pooled their best and unique talents and come together with a short film.

After MamaBoo had taken the lead and pulled the audio together, Bernie followed with the video edition.

Cousin Ron was busy prompting with all sorts of new ideas – adding additional sound effects (like snoring and spoons!) and Dr. M suggested including more artists by asking if the Headless Inkspots were contacted.

Along with the final movie outcome, intro and ending clips for future Family Story Time creations are available for anyone to use. If you would like to use them – just contact Bernie or the PR team.

Here is a Dreamy Intro:

Music by the Headless Inkspots

The other options created are in this folder.

As a virtual attendance participant be sure to check out the video stories all the artists in residence – Sapphos and Cousin Ron have posted quite a few wonderful stories and audios for enjoyment.  And watch for the debut of stories and music for the adults on “The Porch”.

The festival is heading into week 3 and looks like more and more is coming available each day for festival goers!


Week 7: We Make Movies!


Little Boo sailing boats in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.

Little Boo sailing boats in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.

Mama Boo here, back from many travels over the past few weeks. Little Boo and I spent three weeks in Europe, and then I went to the U.S. for another short trip. We’re finally all back, and it’s time for our next week of computer classes. It’s the week I am especially looking forward to because it’s the one I have had the least practice doing: making videos. It’s time for these ghosts to up their trailer game and their video game for the next little while, before our reunion!

Some of the family are already working on a big movie for our family reunion, and Ronald L has already given us an amazing family story in video, telling Ron Burgeron’s biggest secret. Let’s all join in the movie making!

For this week, take a look at the section of the open DS106 syllabus called Making Movies. Be sure to read Video the DS106 way: try to give your videos opening title sequences and closing credit sequences, including any credits for images, music, other videos you have used (the credits are especially important for CC-licensed content you’ve used!).

Did you know you can download YouTube videos pretty easily for editing? The DS106 site has a page with tutorials on how to do so.

Now, if you’re not really sure what kind of video you want to make this week, there are some great assignments in the assignment bank. Some of the ones I’d like to try are:

  • Mash a Movie for DS106: Like having fun in DS106? Think others would too? Why not make an ad for DS106 using video mashups with this assignment?
  • Time Lapse Video: Take images of a project or an activity along the way as you do it/complete it and create a time lapse video to make it seem like it took mere seconds! Maybe someone should build a machine that senses alien abductions about to happen and blocks their tractor beams. Or try to build a time cycle like Ron Burgeron had!
  • What’s Your Skills? All of us here at the trailer have some special skills. Make a video that shows them off! Doggie Boo has already shown off her floating skills in an early GIFaChrome image. for example.
  • Public Service Announcement: Everyone needs to be on the lookout for strange goings on in Area 106, and for those pesky aliens. Why not create a public service announcement to remind us of these or other important issues?
  • Inanimate motion: Make an inanimate object move, through taking a series of still images. Why this one for us here and now? Well, just because I think it sounds like fun!

I’ll be your guide for this week, and you can reach me on Twitter through my friend Christina Hendricks’ account: @clhendricksbc

Let’s make some family videos before our reunion August 16!

Rumour UPDATED / cow abduction by aliens

Has the top-illusional site AREA 106 something to do with the alleged cow abduction?

Has the top-illusional site AREA 106 something to do with the alleged cow abduction?

Rumour has it that in the last century in the 50th aliens abducted a cow from the Burgeron farm. Maybe more information will surface in the coming days.

Some time ago a news station made a short documentary about the rumor of a cow abduction from the Burgerons’ farm. Some original footage of the actual abduction (made with a prototype of the GIF-a-Chrome camera) had surfaced and was used in this documentary.

It’s available at YouTube

Burgeron Bovines

We’ve had some disparaging comments and discussion of the animals of the bovine persuasion hanging around at the Burgeron place.  But let’s set the record straight. When Don was talking about those “Damn Dumb Cows” he was referring to the boorish uncultured cattle next door on the Bergeron spread (that’s with an “e” not a “u” – read more about the name confusion here. ) The BUrgeron bovines, on the other hand, are intelligent, creative, fun loving and talented creatures. Although we have to admit that occasionally we get a stray odd one in the bunch that likes to eat barb wire that we just can’t explain.

There’s a bit of a rumor going around that they may’ve gotten into some of that Bovine County Vodka, or perhaps Cousin Clitus poured a nip of the ol’  Burgeron Backwoods Brew into their watering trough before Don captured their joyous frolicking on video. And we don’t quite know what to make of these bovine conspiracy theorist folks who are afraid that our creative, cultured and computer literate cows are somehow preparing themselves to take over the world.

HappyCowCheeseThey’ve come a long way from their trip over from the old country being hauled by Great Aunt Cornelia down a dutch canal to being unloaded at the New York docks, then Ma & Pa Burgeron turning them into cheese making dairy cows – following in the footsteps of the de Boer family next door who were co-founders of the Happy Cow Cheese corporation.

At one point the dutch cheese masters from the Prima Donna company had courted Ma & Pa. Unfortunately, even with my Louridge family Italian cheese artisan connections they just weren’t able to acquire the artistic skill to aging the cheese properly, and that enterprising endeavor ended.

But let me tell you… when we claim our cows are creative, talented and fun-loving we’re not just spinning yarns. We’ve got proof right there posted on YouTube. Our very own star of the Burgeron Bovine Herd, Anna Cow, showed off her “hoofing” skills in a 2010 Cadbury commercial, “Tap Dancing Cows“.  Her dancing instructor, my grand-daughter Sappho, did her family proud.

And we’re just pleased as punch that Sappho is offering dance classes for the human side of the family this summer in preparation for the family reunion. Why little Sally Lou, Bonnie and Bella have already started preparing.  You can see them all below learning the Burgeron’s Children’s Trailer Song.

Anna Cow leading Sappho's dance class teaching the young Burgeron girls the Burgeron Trailer song this summer.

Anna Cow leading Sappho’s dance class teaching the young Burgeron girls the children’s  Burgeron Trailer song this summer.

Song for the Burgeron children

Burgeron family and neighbors

Burgeron family and neighbors

This old footage and an old recording have been mixed together to show the dance the Burgeron children sang and danced to.

We hope Bella, Donna, little Boo and Sally Lou will enjoy this song and dance coming summer at the reunion.
And … don’t forget dancing is even more fun when you do it together. So all adults (even mama Boo) can join the dance!