The Porch: Celtic Series Poster- All around the region!

The Porch: Celtic Series 2015 Poster

NanaLou has again made sure all family is entertained and enriched during the summer retreat. The Family Story Time under Dr. M’s Treehouse is underway and the kids are happy! They await the next story with great anticipation.

After the kids are settled into bed, the adults gather at “The Porch”, usually around sunset to share, jabber, and socialize. There are some pre-scheduled performances and also just some impromtu improv that can be stories, music and much more!

NanaLou has told us that there is a story and song brewing that involves our own Anna Cow and her admirer – Super Moo.

To make sure all family and friends know the debut is coming, a poster has been created by the PR team and will be put up around the county. Virtual attendance is encouraged for non-family so that you have the best seat in the house. Watch for the announcement when it will be available!

Celtic Series Poster



To the Bovine Signal!


Original image by Skye McAllister. GIF remix by Rochelle Lockridge

I’m concerned enough that I’m calling for help. Dr. M posted her concerns earlier today. There are now several Burgeron family members that are missing: JJ Mac GIF, Stefanie, Bella & Bonnie Burgeron , and Julie Burgeron.  Quite possibly West Burgeron too – although I’m not positive if he was coming or not. There was even a mention quite early on that the Headless Inkspots from over in DS106 City would be sharing their music at the trailer this summer.  Everyone made contact early on that they would be joining us, started their journey, then not a word. Our Bovine County ace reporter Betsy de R. and Aunty Sappy were investigating some strange sounds over the 4th of July, possibly linked to that mysterious AREA 106, but they haven’t located any of our missing family members. Thank goodness we know Anna Cow is just fine. Congratulations dear on be crowned “Miss Bovine America” at the Bovine County fair.  While Mama and Little Boo are doing some traveling over in Italy at the moment, they’ve at least kept in touch to let me know they’ll be back home in plenty of time to help with the preparations for the big family reunion.

Now with all these missing family members, I personally took it upon myself to head over to the Bovine County seat in DS106 City last night to flash the Bovine Signal, hoping to summon our local caped crusaders to aid us in finding our lost family members.  Could they have been abducted? Or have they been sucked into a time vortex like Highlander Don? Or met some other sinister demise? Maybe they’re just lost and their cell phone service doesn’t reach out here. Whatever it is, I want to get to the bottom of this.  I’m turning 100 for landsakes. This is a big event for the family.  No evil do-er is going to ruin my party.

Don’s Drones for Bovines



Don Burgeron continues to use drones to move his cattle.

I just don’t know about that boy!  Don continues to use drones to move his cows,  flying in  the face of the Bovine County Sheriff. And Sheriff B. Good is not pleased at all. I just don’t know about that boy.  Smart yes, but his lack of common sense is going to be his downfall someday.  The sheriff has said, “No!” to his creative cow moving drones. He just won’t let it die. He says using the drones on his own property is no business of anybody else – including the law!

Several members of the Burgeron family have been reporting on his shenanigans and other cows being abducted in the area – more recently with the use of drones to abduct Bovine County cows in the mysterious AREA 106.

Anna Cow showed photographic proof of Don’s flying cows. While Sappho shared a couple of news clippings on the sheriff’s reactions to all of this. The latest being her revelation of the Bovine County newspaper expressing anger with the drone abductions.

I’m not sure if Don’s involved with these new abductions or not. But he certainly hasn’t given up on using the drone’s to move his cattle around at the Burgeron Trailer.

Burgeron Bovines

We’ve had some disparaging comments and discussion of the animals of the bovine persuasion hanging around at the Burgeron place.  But let’s set the record straight. When Don was talking about those “Damn Dumb Cows” he was referring to the boorish uncultured cattle next door on the Bergeron spread (that’s with an “e” not a “u” – read more about the name confusion here. ) The BUrgeron bovines, on the other hand, are intelligent, creative, fun loving and talented creatures. Although we have to admit that occasionally we get a stray odd one in the bunch that likes to eat barb wire that we just can’t explain.

There’s a bit of a rumor going around that they may’ve gotten into some of that Bovine County Vodka, or perhaps Cousin Clitus poured a nip of the ol’  Burgeron Backwoods Brew into their watering trough before Don captured their joyous frolicking on video. And we don’t quite know what to make of these bovine conspiracy theorist folks who are afraid that our creative, cultured and computer literate cows are somehow preparing themselves to take over the world.

HappyCowCheeseThey’ve come a long way from their trip over from the old country being hauled by Great Aunt Cornelia down a dutch canal to being unloaded at the New York docks, then Ma & Pa Burgeron turning them into cheese making dairy cows – following in the footsteps of the de Boer family next door who were co-founders of the Happy Cow Cheese corporation.

At one point the dutch cheese masters from the Prima Donna company had courted Ma & Pa. Unfortunately, even with my Louridge family Italian cheese artisan connections they just weren’t able to acquire the artistic skill to aging the cheese properly, and that enterprising endeavor ended.

But let me tell you… when we claim our cows are creative, talented and fun-loving we’re not just spinning yarns. We’ve got proof right there posted on YouTube. Our very own star of the Burgeron Bovine Herd, Anna Cow, showed off her “hoofing” skills in a 2010 Cadbury commercial, “Tap Dancing Cows“.  Her dancing instructor, my grand-daughter Sappho, did her family proud.

And we’re just pleased as punch that Sappho is offering dance classes for the human side of the family this summer in preparation for the family reunion. Why little Sally Lou, Bonnie and Bella have already started preparing.  You can see them all below learning the Burgeron’s Children’s Trailer Song.

Anna Cow leading Sappho's dance class teaching the young Burgeron girls the Burgeron Trailer song this summer.

Anna Cow leading Sappho’s dance class teaching the young Burgeron girls the children’s  Burgeron Trailer song this summer.