NanaLou’s Digital Fridge

As a kid having your prized #Burgeron106 art projects posted onto NanaLou’s refrigerator meant it was “real” art.  I’ve always been oh so proud of my family’s creative masterpieces –  no matter what their age. But these days things are different. How can a refrigerator magnet attach an audio or video file? Or, heaven forbid, an interactive digital media project?  Ol’ NanaLou has figured it out with my new “digital fridge” that can display any of my family’s art projects. Simply click an image on the fridge door to find out more.

VisualAssignments1442: Storytelling Collage

NOTE: For an optimal user experience, use a computer rather than a mobile device to interact with my digital fridge door.

The hardest part about making this digital refrigerator door with the image mapper software was (through trial and error) figuring out I needed to make my original image 600px wide.  Anything bigger than that wouldn’t map correctly when it was actually displayed on our blog.


#Burgeron106 Fridge Magnet

Burgeron106 Magnet


Lost in Time and Space?


Burgeron Beauty Memory Mirror

NanaLou here…The Burgeron family reunion and concurrent celebration of my 100th birthday at the end of August 2014 was an amazing event – reminiscent of the ’82 Bovine Hoedown. Or so we’ve been told and what glimpses we can gather from the drone-a-chrome camera and the Burgeron Beauty Memory Mirror we found following that wild week of merriment & moonshine.

It turns out we partook of more than a little too much of the Burgeron Backwoods Brew and woke up moaning on Monday morning having misplaced an entire week, except for the snippets of events we think may’ve gone on.  Not sure myself, but there might’ve been at some point a greased pig running around Dr. M’s treehouse, more joy riding on Cousin Reggie’s time cycle, our lovely Anna Cow, in all her finery, giving dance lessons atop the trailer and more joy rides with Don’s drones with trips into the mysterious Area 106.  And I’m pretty sure there was some sort of dispute involving a game of Dungeons and Dragons where members of the Boo family were angrily accusing the Dungeon Master (my great grandson-in-law) of running the game with a corporeal bias.

“How can a ghost take a -2 handicap due to blood loss? There’s no blood to lose!”

“Fine, call it ectoplasm loss, then.  You’re still down two on strength unless you’ve got a healing spell I don’t know about.”

One memory I hope not to recover is what led to the recording of this “interesting” duet of our trailer house blues song with me and Cousin Froid.

When I stumbled onto the front porch of my shed that first day of September, more bleary eyed than usual, I nearly tripped over the magic memory mirror that has been slowly revealing our lost week.  But she’s a temperamental beauty and is selective on what and when she chooses to reveal her secrets.  It seems each of the family members is allowed to see only a portion of the week, or a certain event. I wonder if the details of Don’s abduction will be brought to the surface.  Dr. M has offered to keep the memory mirror at her place so that she and her professional expertise will be nearby if any traumatic memories should arise. If we really want to know what happened we are going to have to reassemble events memory by memory.


“To The Bovine Signal” Original image by Skye McAllister. GIF remix by Rochelle Lockridge

We need all the help we can get to reclaim our lost week. The bovine signal was flashing when we finally came to, but the only signs of our caped crusaders Super Moo & Cowgirl were a couple of GIFaChrome snaps thought to be taken during a rescue attempt for cousin Stefanie.  Even our own Betsy de R., ace reporter for the Bovine County Daily and her trusty sidekick Aunt Sappy are struggling with this one.  The family blog is ready and waiting for any and all Burgeron friends and family members to add their recollections of the biggest, baddest, best Burgeron family reunion ever.  Feel free to post any audio versions on our family Soundcloud group.  And keep it clean guys.  Remember, the Burgeron children are reading this too.


#DS106 #4Life

But I don’t want to end my post with only lost memories.  I want to remind the family that we’ll be making new memories this summer.  It’s once again time for us to host the world renowned bi-annual Bovine County Storytelling Fair.  This year’s theme will be Fairytales and it runs all summer long.  We’ll be immersed in all number of storytelling platforms, with workshops and a culminating collection of our favorites to be published in an official multi-media flipbook.  I can’t wait to read the wonderful stories that will fill those empty pages at the end of the summer. More details to come.

Burgeron Blog Update

It’s been a busy week in Bovine County getting ready for the big Burgeron Family Reunion at the end of August to celebrate ol’ Nana Lou’s 100th birthday. To make sure the whole family will be able to participate in this monumental event I’ve (Nana Lou) provided computers and iPads along with a requirement to attend computer classes for the computer illiterate Burgeron’s.


The Burgeron Name Mix-up Resolved

Land sakes, I don’t know how we’re going to keep track of this all. (I hear little Bonnie Burgeron is creating a Wiki for us. Thank you dear.)  And it doesn’t help that we’ve had quite a time with people mixing up the spelling of our family name. Thanks to Don for helping to straighten this out with his post “The Bergerons and the Burgerons

With the hiring of Dr. M., a family genealogist/therapist, we’ve begun documenting a family tree. Why she’s even building her own tree house near the Burgeron Trailer to maintain privacy for her sessions. (If you want access to the family tree site send a tweet to @mdvfunes or @NanaLou022) Ever since that big flood of ’57 we’ve been scattered to the wind. With the discovery of an old box of photos we’ve found and identified Burgeron family members, past and present.

and last but not least my great-great granddaughters Bella & Bonnie Burgeron have joined the fun and have begun posting to the family site.

Another noteworthy event this week was Ron Burgeron (a self-proclaimed wanna-be musician) finding and making new recordings of our family song The Burgeron Trailer Blues . He’s even caught the family on tape practicing for the big reunion.