SuperMoo MOOOONS Over Anna Cow


“Love is in the air”- SuperMoo and AnnaCow atop the Scottish Highlands

SuperMoo caught a glimpse of Ms. Anna Cow while she was preparing for her role as “The Sleeping Beauty” and nothing has been the same since at the #Burgeron106 homestead.  He’s been smitten… to put it mildly.  His dreams are now filled with romantic adventures of whisking her away to far-off exotic places.


Anna Cow sans makeup

With this week’s Celtic Fairy Tale theme at the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival, he found a Scottish Ballad arranged for the Lyre among my files, “My Black-Haired Maid”, that he’s tweaking a wee bit to express his deepest feelings of love and adoration for our fair lady.

“My Black-Spotted Maid” is a work in progress. Sadly, SuperMoo is not musically inclined, but the family has jumped in to help. Cousin Ron was willing to pluck out the notes, which SuperMoo passed along to my grand daughter Rochelle to employ her singing and guitar playing talents.  Why he’s even commissioned the Headless Inkspots to create an orchestral version. I’m looking forward to hearing “The Black-Spotted Maid’s” debut on “The Porch” later in the festival.


Method Actor Ms. Anna Cow preparing for her role as “The Sleeping Beauty”. (Read More about this image)

My Black-Spotted Maid
(New Lyrics by SuperMoo)

My black-spotted maid, so leal and true,
My darling, do not leave me;
Though black and white, a fairer hue
I would not have, believe me.

Thy cheeks are waxen red and fair.
Thy shining eyes are clearest.
Beneath thy shining silken hair –
My heart is thine, my dearest.

Thy large brown eyes, so mild and bright,
Beneath their lashes beaming.
Like lucid dew-drops when the light
Of morn is o-er them streaming.

Thy glossy tresses from their snood
In waving fold unbraided.
Thou could’st not have a richer hood,
Or be more neatly shaded.

Tis for the love I bear to thee –
A love with sorrow laden –
That thou art banished far from me,
My bonnie black-spotted maiden

*Leal: loyal and faithful
*Snood: ornamental hairnet



Ryker Teunis Stork Arrives

The Burgeron place has been all aflutter this week preparing for the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival. Talk about a flutter…  My heart nearly gave out as a stork flew in this week, out-of-the-blue. I almost fainted right then and there thinkin’ he was delivering a baby for ol’ Nanalou. I’m far too old for that kind of thing. But no… nothing like that.  It was Professor Ryker Teunis Stork, world renowned scholar of Dutch Fairy Tales and Proverbs from the University of Amsterdam. On the invitation of Cousin Ron he had flown in to spend his sabbatical in Bovine County to teach Dutch Folklore workshops.

Cousin Ron has an RV parked behind my shed and is making the place something magical.  You just have to see it to believe it.  Festival goers are invited  to join him on a magical journey into the world of Dutch Fairy Tales. To bring an aire of authenticity to the “Dutch Zone” Ron placed an old cart wheel on the top of my roof- a long tradition in Holland to encourage the Stork to take up residence.  He didn’t tell me about it though. And you can imagine the fright I had when I saw this White Stork flying in and landing right there on the top of my shed, and immediately begin calling out to Ron with all those clicks letting him know he’d arrived.


After the two of them calmed me down and reassured me I wasn’t in a “family way” they sat out on my front porch to reminisce their exploits as young dutch”men” growing up in the Netherlands.  The proverbs! The proverbs! I had no idea how many of those pithy little sayings like:

“Aan de vruchten kent men den boom” – The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


“Het end is goed, alles is goed.” – All is well that ends well.

originated in Holland.

Ryker has been so thoughtful. To show his appreciation for letting him stay on my roof for the summer, he presented me with a painting1130px-Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder_-_The_Dutch_Proverbs_-_Google_Art_Project Netherlandish Proverbs (Dutch: Nederlandse Spreekwoorden) by the 16th century Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder that depicts a scene in which humans and, to a lesser extent, animals and objects, offer literal illustrations of Dutch language proverbs and idioms.

I’m very excited to learn more about the Dutch culture this summer.  Once Professor Ryker and Ron retired for the night, I jumped right into loosing myself with Google as I entered new search terms and followed link after link. Here are a few the family might be interested in.

There have been a few more inquires to reserve space at the festival, but nothing definite. There was one initial inquiry about a Middle Earth shire, but no commitments yet.

The spots should be filling soon.

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Merry Music – But who’s Metadude?

That Magic Memory Mirror is cool- made my first visit this week.  I’d remembered little snapshots and soundbites of song & sound from our lost week, but the mirror revealed a whole lot more that went on.  Our Trailer Song continued to be a hit throughout the week.


The children were all dancing and singing to the Burgeron Children’s Song. And the ABC Song was a hit with the real little ones. It wasn’t clear who commissioned it, but little Sally Lou and the other Burgeron children had a cute cow song for our sweet Anna Cow. Although Don Burgeron was rockin’ the joint with his version of “Who Let The Cow’s Out“.

There were group singalongs, requested solos by Nanalou, myself (Rochelle Louridge), Mama Boo and Cousin Ron.  Dr. M even had a go (after she’d had a bit too much of the ol’ Burgeron Backwoods Brew.)  The Headless Inkspots were in fine form performing a great rendition featuring a banjo, ukelele and Strawberry Arizona washboard.


But that duet with Nanalou and Cousin Froid was… shall we say… an event that I am amazed any of us could forget.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when my daughter, Amber, and I sang “Motherless Child”


Cousin Ron was heard playing the old piano out in the cow barn behind the trailer.


Who knew Little Ron Burgeron’s music lessons would pay off in the long run. Piano AND Guitar. The man has talent. But his moonshine induced croning over “Betty-Lou Schaeffner” was a sorry sight.


Aunt Sappy was reciting love poetry in all manner of languages. Her German poem “An Anna Blume” was described as a parody of a love poem, an emblem of the chaos and madness of the week.



But who’s this Metadude guy?  Some of the Burgeron family members were really digging his techno vibe. But the mirror only let me hear the music and allowed me to catch a few glimpses of the story. I’m really curious now.  If anyone has any more detail please share with the rest of us.


Highlander Don


Don Burgeron stars in Braveheart with his bovine battalion at his side. (Original Movie Poster)

The Family was having so much fun this week riffing on movie posters that I decided this ol’ gal would have to take a go at it. Even Dr. M got in the act by creating a new DS106 Assignment: The Best Bond is a Dog.

With the flick of my Photoshop magic wand, cloning tool, and healing brush Don Burgeron is now starring in the hit film Braveheart with his trusty bovine battalion at his side- Anna Cow in the lead.

But that’s not all, as I was doing my research on the poster and movie I came across something very interesting.  That buzzing sound Don Burgeron heard last week before he went missing? It was quite possibly a time warp forming to pull him back into the 16th century where he first became a Highlander fighting bravely for the Burgeron106 clan back in the DS106 Highlands in 1536. There is a rumor going around that Don is seriously being consider for the starring role in the new Highlander remake that was to start filming in 2014 when lead actor Ryan Reynolds exited the movie  last summer.


Don Burgeron stars in the 2014 remake of Highlander. (Original movie poster)

Don’s Drones for Bovines



Don Burgeron continues to use drones to move his cattle.

I just don’t know about that boy!  Don continues to use drones to move his cows,  flying in  the face of the Bovine County Sheriff. And Sheriff B. Good is not pleased at all. I just don’t know about that boy.  Smart yes, but his lack of common sense is going to be his downfall someday.  The sheriff has said, “No!” to his creative cow moving drones. He just won’t let it die. He says using the drones on his own property is no business of anybody else – including the law!

Several members of the Burgeron family have been reporting on his shenanigans and other cows being abducted in the area – more recently with the use of drones to abduct Bovine County cows in the mysterious AREA 106.

Anna Cow showed photographic proof of Don’s flying cows. While Sappho shared a couple of news clippings on the sheriff’s reactions to all of this. The latest being her revelation of the Bovine County newspaper expressing anger with the drone abductions.

I’m not sure if Don’s involved with these new abductions or not. But he certainly hasn’t given up on using the drone’s to move his cattle around at the Burgeron Trailer.

Don goes Reminiscing about Dancing Cows and Scarecrows

Today I have been reminiscing about some of the gatherings we have had here on the property and at dad’s old place on the river. I guess nostalgia is a good thing. Some of the memories are just great and they make me smile. Other are a bit confusing and some get me feeling a little down, truth be told.

I recall the 82 Bovine Hoedown we had here in town and how excited everyone was to bring some game to play, some food to eat, and some instruments to make music with! Families practicing songs in the cool breeze of a June evening. You could hear them hootin and hollerin from miles away.

I recall one family that had a teen with an electric guitar. Good lord it was awful. That kid made more noise in three minutes than most folks make in a year or two. I ain’t sure, but if I recall that summer was the same summer the family had a big blowout and the kid left town real unhappy and carrying a guitar case. I don’t know that I’ve seen him since. I don’t even recall his name, just the screechin ripping through the prairie.

I remember that after the hoedown here at the trailer we had a few of the games we had made. One was this silly looking wooden scarecrow with the face cut out. The game was to hit whoever was a standin behind it with a water balloon. The day of the hoedown a kid who didn’t know any better came up to play and I was standing behind the thing. I don’t think the kid really realized what he was doing, he had just seen other folks throwing stuff at me. He had been playing baseball with some friends and he up and through his baseball at me fast as can be! And damn if it didn’t smack me right on the forehead. Knocked me clean off my feet and stone cold out for 10 minutes.

Well, I guess that is what happens at hoedowns. I snapped the picture here of ol Nana standing behind the scarecrow after we got home to the trailer.


I suppose our reunion will be sorta like a hoedown?

I was also thinking about that old Anny Cow and her damn dance studio. I think that is where little Sally Lou learned to dance? I don’t really recall. That damn cow was the only cow I have known to own and operate a dance studio? We have had a lot of good lookin and smart cows here in Bovine. But that Anny, she sure had some initiative. Where else but in a place called Bovine could a cow get a business license?


Burgeron Bovines

We’ve had some disparaging comments and discussion of the animals of the bovine persuasion hanging around at the Burgeron place.  But let’s set the record straight. When Don was talking about those “Damn Dumb Cows” he was referring to the boorish uncultured cattle next door on the Bergeron spread (that’s with an “e” not a “u” – read more about the name confusion here. ) The BUrgeron bovines, on the other hand, are intelligent, creative, fun loving and talented creatures. Although we have to admit that occasionally we get a stray odd one in the bunch that likes to eat barb wire that we just can’t explain.

There’s a bit of a rumor going around that they may’ve gotten into some of that Bovine County Vodka, or perhaps Cousin Clitus poured a nip of the ol’  Burgeron Backwoods Brew into their watering trough before Don captured their joyous frolicking on video. And we don’t quite know what to make of these bovine conspiracy theorist folks who are afraid that our creative, cultured and computer literate cows are somehow preparing themselves to take over the world.

HappyCowCheeseThey’ve come a long way from their trip over from the old country being hauled by Great Aunt Cornelia down a dutch canal to being unloaded at the New York docks, then Ma & Pa Burgeron turning them into cheese making dairy cows – following in the footsteps of the de Boer family next door who were co-founders of the Happy Cow Cheese corporation.

At one point the dutch cheese masters from the Prima Donna company had courted Ma & Pa. Unfortunately, even with my Louridge family Italian cheese artisan connections they just weren’t able to acquire the artistic skill to aging the cheese properly, and that enterprising endeavor ended.

But let me tell you… when we claim our cows are creative, talented and fun-loving we’re not just spinning yarns. We’ve got proof right there posted on YouTube. Our very own star of the Burgeron Bovine Herd, Anna Cow, showed off her “hoofing” skills in a 2010 Cadbury commercial, “Tap Dancing Cows“.  Her dancing instructor, my grand-daughter Sappho, did her family proud.

And we’re just pleased as punch that Sappho is offering dance classes for the human side of the family this summer in preparation for the family reunion. Why little Sally Lou, Bonnie and Bella have already started preparing.  You can see them all below learning the Burgeron’s Children’s Trailer Song.

Anna Cow leading Sappho's dance class teaching the young Burgeron girls the Burgeron Trailer song this summer.

Anna Cow leading Sappho’s dance class teaching the young Burgeron girls the children’s  Burgeron Trailer song this summer.