Dr M’s Tree House


A few false starts but it is now almost finished

A few false starts but it is now almost finished

Welcome to Dr M’s tree House, like Nana Lou’s home my tree house is much larger on the inside and like Hogwarts it keeps moving around – so you have to stay alert to find its lovely spaces to learn and talk about matters of consequence, when in the tree house we will always be busy with matters of consequence. Play, taking time to ponder, talking about what we love and exploring possibilities. It exists beyond space and time…

This week Dr M is working on her computer coding skills – creating a sign for the tree house door…so far her attempts have not been amazeballs but at least she is learning how to code, next we are doing something to do with getting rid of bugs: debugging. Will come  in handy at the tree house, I think.



2 thoughts on “Dr M’s Tree House

  1. I suppose a Dr. M. name has to be more modest 😉 Having a Dr. in front of your name is vanity enough. At the moment I do some work where you find names like “Prof. Dr. med. dr. h. c. mult. M” maybe you should adopt that.


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