Mama Boo

A picture of me Nana Lou managed to capture recently

A picture of me Nana Lou managed to capture recently

Well, Mama Boo is what everyone calls me now, though it’s not the name my own mama gave me. You’ve already met Little Boo, the family ghost. But what you didn’t know until now is that he’s not the only Burgeron family ghost. Yep, there’s two of us. Which is pretty nice when you think about it ‘cuz otherwise one of us would be lonely.

I’m part of this family from way back. I mean way back. Me and Little Boo, we been around so long we can’t remember how many years. We just stick around, generation to generation, updating our clothes and such with the times so as we don’t seem quite so strange to everyone. No, we’re not those “let’s scare those alive ones ‘cuz it’s funny” kind of ghosts. We’re real friendly and don’t want to startle anyone. We even join in with the sing-a-longs. And we can’t wait for the reunion this summer.

Let’s see, I guess I should tell you how we fit into this family. Well, the name I had for many years was Emmaline Burgeron. I was a daughter of Mawmaw and Pawpaw Burgeron (sister to William). I never married, so you can guess how well me having a son went over with the family. That was long before these new-fangled family values came around and people don’t care so much these days about such things. Anyway, people just started calling us “Mama Boo” and “Little Boo” pretty early on so that’s all we really go by now.

I suppose that since we’re ghosts you want to know how, well … you know … how we left the land of the living. I’m not gonna tell you ‘cuz it might make you sad but it doesn’t matter anyway ‘cuz we’re still here, you know? And as for why we became ghosts and hung around when others didn’t, well, I’ve got no idea. We just found ourselves here and stopped asking why a long time ago.

You’ve probably heard that Nana Lou has bought computers for the family and insisted we sign up for a computer class. Well, Little Boo and I decided to join in because we’re part of the family and all. And we get bored sometimes just hanging around the trailer so we might as well make some art. Don’t ask me how we manage to push the computer keys with our ghost fingers–trade secrets, you know. Can’t wait to learn me some gifs.


3 thoughts on “Mama Boo

  1. Oh Mama Boo, I’m so happy that you and Little Boo have figured out a what to push the computer keys and will be making art with us this summer. I remember the kids playing with you and Little Boo over the generations. Now everyone will get a chance to meet you “in person”. 😉


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