Sappho: 6 Word Memoir


I have created a 6 Word Memoir at the suggestion of the DS106 Bootcamp Assignment Bank.

I had created this photo last summer during the Bootcamp DS106 Headless course. I used the free Gimp software to superimpose one photo on the other. I am now waiting for Mama Boo’s tutorials so I can progress with Gimp. I was also given a good resource by Anna Cow to help me with Gimp and Giffs.

I used Power Point to add text to my image and then saved it as a png file before uploading it to this WordPress site. I have learned from Cousin Ron that Power Point can actually serve you very well when working with image editing.



-The photo was taken at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port when the public could still access the beach


2 thoughts on “Sappho: 6 Word Memoir

  1. Thanks Mariana! The names of places you have lived tell a story too. That’s what I tired to convey. There were other stops along the way in my life but that would have been more than 6 words.


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