Computer Classes


A “hard drive” traveling to the Burgeron Family Reunion

Some of the Burgeron family know their way around the internet and a computer hard drive like nobody’s business, others think a hard drive is when you have to haul the dog and kids across country in the old car with 4-60 air conditioning (4 windows rolled down going 60 miles an hour) to attend some cockamamy family reunion in Bovine County, Texas.

Believing that computers are the wave of the future, and to lift that later part of the family out of poverty and ignorance, Nana Lou stepped in to encourage her own version of net neutrality by using some of the money she’s got lying around, just gathering interest, by providing each family who doesn’t already own one their own computer.  But there are a few strings attached to this generous gift.  Each digitally challenged family member should:


  • Enroll in a computer class to learn to use computers, social media and digital tools.
  • Demonstrate learnings by publishing their work and process on-line. They can publish right here on the Burgeron Family website or one of their own.  Just communicate what you’re doing on Twitter and/or the DS106 G+ Community.

We’ve located an open on-line course called DS106 that Nana Lou highly recommends. We’ll be using the DS106 open syllabus as a starting point and posting our version of the suggested assignments right here on the Burgeron Family website.

To see what we’re working on each week check under the Computer Classes drop down menu starting June 21st until the big family reunion August on August 16th to celebrate Nana Lou’s 100th birthday.

Nana Lou is encouraging the rest of the family to follow dear little Bonnie Burgeron’s example of helping her little sister Bella to get connected. By working, sharing and playing together the website will chronicle all this learning and our Burgeron family history for future generations to come.

* Thanks to Mariana (@mdvfunes), Christina (@clhendricksbc), Rochelle (@Rockylou22) and Seth (@GoodmanSeth) for agreeing to coordinate and tailor the assignments for the family each week. We will be publishing them each week as per the timetable under the Computer Classes menu above.


6 thoughts on “Computer Classes

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  2. Dear Family, I will need the computer classes!

    I am trying to add a voicemail to our site so that those in need can talk to me any time.

    Here is the embed code for the widget:

    var app = d.createElement(‘script’); app.type = ‘text/javascript’; app.async = true;
    var pt = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://’ : ‘http://’);
    app.src = pt + ‘’;
    var s = d.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(app, s);

    Which I am supposed to place before body tag on my website. Can those family members who know more about computers help? I tried to create a widget but failed to make it work.

    I need to get back to the family tree now. Tree houses, family trees, playing amongst the trees, what is it with this family and trees?


    • Thanks, Janet. I have tidied up this page to highlight more how to find out where we are each week in case people want to jump in any time. It really is as simple as go to the computer classes menu and select the week you want to work on. Beyond that it will be emergent and self-directed!

      If people want to follow more structure there is always the formal runs in July and in the fall as you can see here:

      I personally think that for people new to DS106 it is better to do a formal run – there is a lot that we are assuming here in terms of previous DS106 experience. But we will always help anyone who wants to visit the family.


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