==> Click here to read our collaborative story as it unfolds <==

We’re happy you decided to drop by and give the Burgeron Family a visit.  Don’t be alarmed.  While we may seem a little (okay… a lot) crazy to some, we promote a family safe site that is mindful of all ages. We don’t want to offend our elders or frighten our young ones.

Fairy Tale Festival Schedule

                Fairy Tale Festival Schedule

This summer the family is hosting the world renowned bi-annual Bovine County Storytelling Festival with the 2015 theme of “Fairy Tales”.  We invite you to bring your imagination and join us having LOTS of FUN supporting one another in learning and practicing digital communication & collaboration skills.

See scheduled workshops here.

And for those free spirits out there please feel free to participate in a single or multiple workshops at anytime.

During the summer of 2014 our theme for the Burgeron story centered around preparing to host a family reunion at our trailer in Bovine County, Texas to celebrate Nana Lou’s 100th birthday. Nana Lou was going to announce something special at the reunion. But things got more than a little carried away and the family lost an entire week.  Recalling what actually happened is proving to be difficult.  


Disclaimer: DS106 is an open online learning community and is experimenting with creating a digital medium based collaborative story. All the characters are fictional; the intention of this site is for teaching and learning digital storytelling. It is a family-friendly site where children may also be participating with adult supervision of internet use.

Intrigued? Want to learn more?

Audio Introduction: An excerpt from The DS106 Good Spell Episode 10 Mariana Funes gives John Johnston some background on The Burgeron Family 2014 Summer of DS106.

The Burgeron Trailer Trailers

==> Click here to read our collaborative story as it unfolds <==


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