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Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Or, great power comes with great responsibility.  And believe it or not this is true in our much loved DS106 community.  Maybe even more so in some arenas, such as digital storytelling where we are remixing the work of others.  There is a legal component and an interpersonal respect perspective. Think of our project/site as a model to be used as a learning tool for future students on how things can be done creatively, respectfully and legally. How will you use and remix media that you have not created? Below are a number of links to Public Domain media that can be downloaded and remixed.  But it’s always a good practice to double check and make sure you are not infringing on someone’s rights. Feb 2014 CAA Report on Fair Use: How, Why, Where, When & for Whom?

Visual arts communities of practice share a common problem in confusion about and misunderstanding of the nature of copyright law and the availability of fair use. Their work is constrained and censored, most powerfully by themselves, because of that confusion and the resulting fear and anxiety. Better and more work can be done through a better understanding of copyright, without impairing the ability of artists and art historians to receive credit for, maintain appropriate control over, and monetize their work.

Feel free to add to this list your credible sources for public domain media.

Library of Congress  & Creative Commons media:


These newsreels are available for viewing, embedding, sharing,

When it gets murky…

And it is sometimes okay to use copyrighted material, you need to understand fair use:




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