Burgeron Family Singers Release New Album, “Trailer of Woe”


The Burgeron family released their new album, Trailer of Woe, this month featuring the musical talents of the Headless Inkspots in coordination with the  #30daytdc challenge put out to the #DS106 online community by our favorite talking doll, @IamTalkyTina.  (Daily Create #tdc1998)

Sure to be a hit is the Title Track, “Trailer of Woe”, featuring the musical talents of the Headless Inkspots: Viv Rolfe and David Kernohan.  You can learn more about the fascinating history of the making of the “Trailer of Woe” here.

Fans will also enjoy the remix of the family’s signature song: “DS106 Burgeron Trailer Blues”. The individual recording session tracks are archived here. 

And  It’s a DS106 World. will sure to delight our #DS106 fans. Check out Rockylou’s story of the making of “It’s a DS106 World”.)

It’s a #DS106 World
by Rochelle Lockridge, @Cris2B, @Cogdog

Making art damn it keeps me sane
clears my mind, revs my brain
to create is better than champagne
makes me happy, makes me happy

There’s a freedom when you open up
Fill your cup, fill your cup
Ride the tension to a new creation
Live your vision, Live your vision

And I find it really funny, I find it really grand
to share my stuff with others makes my world expand
And some call it community, or maybe family
People creating art together, it’s a very very
DS106 World… DS106 World…

In front of me are familiar tweets
Blog updates, down under mates
Bright and early for the Daily Create
Making art, making art

Dancing Jim is filling up their GIFs
No layer masks, no layer masks
Going headless, don’t wanna do my work
Boss is a jerk, boss is a jerk

And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of mad
The dreams in which I’m clone brushing are the best I’ve ever had
I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take
When people share in circles it’s a very, very
DS106 World…  DS106 World…

Bloggers waiting for the moment they get pings
Read your post, loved your remix
And I feel the way when Kernohan sings
Sit and listen, sit and listen

Went to school and I was very nauseous
No one knew my blog, nor my soundcloud
Hello Assignment Bank, where’s my example?
Tagged right to me, tagged right through me

And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of mad
The dreams in which I’m clone brushing are the best I’ve ever had
I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take
When people share in circles it’s a very, very
DS106 World… DS106 World…  DS106 World…  DS106 World…





Ballroom Dancing in Bovine County

No partner required- one will be provided

No partner required- one will be provided

Once the rubble was cleared from the big hurricane back in August 2015  I decided to dive headlong into ballroom dancing, taking lessons at Aunt Sappy and Anna Cow’s dance studio with little Sally Lou. I’ve spent all of my extra time and energy learning how to dance the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha, West Coast Swing… and the list goes on. I feel bad that I haven’t been spending time with my DS106 family, but all of the time I’ve spent with you and the digital storytelling skills I’ve learned have been right here keeping me company – reminding me of you almost everyday. Your past presence and play have encouraged and supported my ever widening creative endeavors in the outside world. I’ve been creating videos and images at work to share the story of new technologies in development in the 3M labs. And I’ve been writing a monthly column chronically my journey as a middle-aged woman learning how to ballroom dance.  I can’t share my 3M work just yet, it’s considered confidential at this point, but if you’re interested in finding out what I’ve been up to on my dancing journey below are links to my past columns. I’m looking forward to doing some reading, viewing and catching up on what the rest of the family has been doing the last couple of months.

Middle-aged Moves


The How:

To create the “How to Dance” GIF I started with a public domain image of a postcard from 1878 of a couple dancing the Tango.  At the time I made this I was writing my Partner Dancing Partnerless – Nov 2015 Sheer Dance column and wanted an image to go with it.  Unfortunately, the magazine editors aren’t as creative as the DS106 community and weren’t up to using this image format in their on-line publication.  Oh well, I’ll keep on them and eventually I’ll wear them down. 😉

The quick selection and magnetic lasso tools found in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 were invaluable.  I was able to cut-out the male dancer so I could make him disappear and reappear in the animation.  These tools were also used to copy nearby parts of the female dancer as well as liberal use of the clone tool to fill in the blanks.   For the animation the male image was added in and subtracting by changing the opacity of his layer in successive animation frames. With all of the experience I’ve had creating GIFs this was fairly easy.


Ballroom dancing at the trailer

Ballroom dancing at the trailer

Festival Finale ala Hurricane Hans

BreakingNewsHeadlineThis just in…..

The Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival final two weeks have been canceled due to a severe weather event expected to hit Bovine County full force in a week or two. [Can you say global climate change boys and girls?]

The festival organizers and I have been carefully monitoring Tropical Depression Hans as it continues to build steam.  It has been reclassified as a Class 4 hurricane and is expected to reach the Texas coast next week.  Climatologist are predicting floods not seen in this area since the great floods of 1957.

In order to protect festival goers we made the only decision we could – to cancel the final two weeks of fairy tale workshops, Middle Earth and Music Mania, to allow everyone to find safety and shelter out-of-the-way of the destructive storm’s path. There are a few hardy souls in the Burgeron Family who have been granted permission to stay through the end of August to prepare the Burgeron place for Hurricane Hans, as there is concern that the Trailer will up and float off.

But all work and no play isn’t good for anyone, and I’m not going to miss/forget my birthday again this year!  So we’ve been working with Rockylou Radio Productions to host a #burgeron106/#prisoner106 radio show that will bring down the final curtain for Summer 2015.  Resident artists are encouraged to create and submit solo and/or collaborative audio from the safety of their homes. Dr. M has already been recruiting Burgeron Family members and Prisoner106 Village residents to create a new fairy tale. A radio show for all artists in residence is scheduled to air on Monday, August 31st.

Audio/ Music Projects (Aug 17-30) – Listening & Creating Audio:


The Land of the Rainbow Squares

Land of the Rainbow Squares

I am a far travelled colour professor and one task of a far travelled colour professor is to teach about her travels and scrutiny.

The day before today I was in the land of rainbow squares, where any piece of land has a certain colour.

I have sketched my way to its warmer parts where the climate is dry and you only sometimes can find some plants.

The reason why you can not really see me on the sketch is because anyone who steps into one of the squares becomes the same colour as the appropriate square. However, if you look carefully you can see my shadow going from top to bottom.

Now if someone asks you about the land of rainbow squares you can tell them all about it and anyone will think I am a really good professor to have taught you so well about geography.

Finally I order you to fulfill an assignment. Choose some colours and imagine a part of the land of the rainbow squares. Draw it just like I did (or better think out your own colourful land). If possible travel to the land of rainbow squares and draw what you have seen. Do not forget to sketch your path through the country, imagined or experienced.

This post is on the one hand for Nana Lou and Rochelle, whom I promised to illustrate a fairy tale (I am sorry, but yes, this is  a fairy tale! …mph) on the other hand dedicated to Dr M, who asked me about my teaching art in her tree house. It was all fun, only we could not decide to drink tea like the British do or good Italian coffee. We had coffee promising one to each other that we will meet again some  day.

Who I am? I am perhaps the daughter of a child of the Burgeron family lost in the floods. This issue could not be solved yet, because my father has severe difficulties remembering anything.

Asian Antiquities

The Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival is underway. Our weekly Around The World workshops are a place to learn more about a culture and to build your creative digital muscles.  Participate in a workshop anytime or dip your digital toes into all nine!

Week 7: Asian Antiquities & Fanfic Fantasy


Chinese Fairy Tales

or: http://www.worldoftales.com/Chinese_fairy_book.html

The fairy tales and legends of olden China have in common with the “Thousand and One Nights” an oriental glow and glitter of precious stones and gold and multicolored silks, an oriental wealth of fantastic and supernatural action. And yet they strike an exotic note distinct in itself. The seventy-three stories here presented after original sources, embracing “Nursery Fairy Tales,” “Legends of the Gods,” “Tales of Saints and Magicians,” “Nature and Animal Tales,” “Ghost Stories,” “Historic Fairy Tales,” and “Literary Fairy Tales,” probably represent the most comprehensive and varied collection of oriental fairy tales ever made available for American readers. There is no child who will not enjoy their novel color, their fantastic beauty, their infinite variety of subject.

Yet, like the “Arabian Nights,” they will amply repay the attention of the older reader as well. Some are exquisitely poetic, such as “The Flower-Elves,” “The Lady of the Moon” or “The Herd Boy and the Weaving Maiden”; others like “How Three Heroes Came By Their Deaths Because Of Two Peaches,” carry us back dramatically and powerfully to the Chinese age of Chivalry. The summits of fantasy are scaled in the quasi-religious dramas of “The Ape Sun Wu Kung” and “Notscha,” or the weird sorceries unfolded in “The Kindly Magician.” Delightful ghost stories, with happy endings, such as “A Night on the Battlefield” and “The Ghost Who Was Foiled,” are paralleled with such idyllic love-tales as that of “Rose of Evening,” or such Lilliputian fancies as “The King of the Ants” and “The Little Hunting Dog.” It is quite safe to say that these Chinese fairy tales will give equal pleasure to the old as well as the young. They have been retold simply, with no changes in style or expression beyond such details of presentation which differences between oriental and occidental viewpoints at times compel. It is the writer’s hope that others may take as much pleasure in reading them as he did in their translation.

Fredrick H. Martens – 1921


This little volume of Chinese fairy tales has been written by Dr. Herbert A. Giles, Professor of Chinese in the University of Cambridge, formerly British Consul at Ningpo China, and for twenty-six years resident in that country. It is intended as a companion to the Japanese fairy tales published in the same series.
It is very interesting to compare the tales in the two volumes. They are equally quaint and delightful, but the national spirit of the Chinese is very different from that of the Japanese, both being reflected in the stories in a thoroughly characteristic manner.
A. L. G.
Japanese Fairy Tales
http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/72/japanese-fairy-tales/ NOTE: Audio recordings included for each tale:

This week’s digital skills workshop: What is Art?

To assist festival-goers in further developing their digital literacy skills and establishing a personal digital identity, each week we highlight a different topic being sponsored by the Bank of DS106 Assignment with volunteer support from the Open DS106 community.  This week we offer “What is Art?”.

Rather than specifying “assignments” everyone is encouraged to learn more about the topic, What is Art?,  by visiting the Open DS106 Syllabus and choosing something to create from an array of Fanfic based digital projects. Each project links to examples of work completed by others.  They also include links to tutorials that can help you learn how to complete the work. By tagging your web related posts (either on the Burgeron Family blog or a personal blog) with both FanficAssignments and FanficAssignments#### your work will be added to the list of examples.  I found these tips for writing up ds106 Assignments in a blog post most helpful.

NOTE ==>: As of this posting there are only10 Fanfic Assignments listed. I know the #burgeron106  family and #prisoner106  village residents would provide a great service to future #DS106 ers by creating a few new assignments.

The Burgeron family blog is always available for posting. (If you need editor access or help let us know.) Or you can post to your own personal blog. Let us know there’s something new with a tweet tagged with #burgeron106 and posting a quick note at our DS106 Google+ Community.


We invite you to visit any or all of the  Around the World workshops being held this year at the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival.


Opening Doors You Thought Might be Closed


I made this gif with http://makeagif.com/youtube-to-gif Who knew that creating a gif from a downloaded You Tube video could be so easy? I have been working much too hard at this for the past 3 weeks! Sure, the name of the video editor is on my gif, but the video sequence belongs to The Prisoner series, anyway.

Sappho has been planning an escape route out of the Village. and she thinks she has found one! In the “Once Upon a Time” episode, Number 6 is introduced to the idea of a waste disposal unit! Here he is contemplating the words of Number 2.


Time is running out! The long summer evenings end soon, and Sappho needs to break away from the internet before fall courses begin.


She has bought some Village deck shoes to help her retreat, but after watching the final Prisoner episode, “Fallout”, she is wondering whether life can ever be normal again!


At the recommendation of the Village Philosopher, she has taken out Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” and plans to read it in the next 3 weeks. After all, Nureyev had read all of Dostoyevsky!!


Prisoners, ‘idiots’, Village residents, fairy tales, Burgeron Trailer Blues-all have opened doors to the digital arts for Sappho. It has taken a lot of courageous experimentation on her part and a supportive online community which has tweeted and re-tweeted her work, +1 with comments on G+, a few backchannel emails, and WordPress posts w. comments-all bolstering her to find her own voice, and I think now, she has!


Thanking the DS106 community for opening doors and windows!

Fun at Bovine’s annual fun fair

There’s a lot going on for children at Bovine TX this summer.
Not only have we got Nana Lou reading stories on the Butterfly and the Windmill each night at Dr. M’s treehouse.
We’ve also got the fun fair at Bovine. There’s a Ferris wheel, a big slide, a seesaw and for the adults even a wheel of fortune.
Bovine’s brass band takes care of the musical accompaniment of this all.

Be seeing y’all at the Bovine Fun Fair !

Fun fair at Bovine TX

Lots of fun at Bovine’s annual fun fair