Week 3 – We learn to see!

This week should be a breeze for the family.

Telling stories in photos? Well we know how to do that pretty well already, don’t we? Still it will be helpful to learn a few more tricks of the trade from our friends at the open DS106 course. There is a lot in there this week. Telling stories in photos starts here.

So far we have found photos and told a few stories around them. This week we learn to take good photos. As some wise person said,

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”
-Ansel Adams

When you visit the class syllabus this week you will find some members of the family there. it looks like @brainpicker has written a good story about our very own Betty-Lou. Enjoy the read.

If you only do one task this week it will have to be the Photoblitz. Please use your imagination, take the children on a day out. We don’t want to end up with lots of photos of the scenery around the trailer. Beautiful as it may be. Look under Photo-blitzing tab once you click on the link for clear instructions.

There are many visual assignments suggested but I thought the returning to the scene of the crime might be a nice one for the whole family to post here.

And don’t forget to tell the children a few lovely stories about Batman from this lovely set of photos discovered recently in the interwebz.

Your guide this week is @GoodmanSeth and the rest of the family is around relaxing at the trailer if you need anything. Mama Boo and Little Boo are travelling in Italy but are working on their photography skills through Phonar Nation. There are many activities there if our DS106 activities are not enough for the family.

Some last minute tips for taking good Photos I found on the twitter.


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