Tibetan Tales

The Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival is underway. Our weekly Around The World workshops are a place to learn more about a culture and to build your creative digital muscles.  Participate in a workshop anytime or dip your digital toes into all nine!

CHECK OUT THIS NEW RESOURCE: Open source video and other digital media for fair-goers to use in creating their art. http://pararchive.com/

Week 6: Tibetan Tales & YouTube Tribulations


Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook: http://mythfolklore.blogspot.com/2014/03/myth-folklore-unit-tibetan-folk-tales.html

tibetanfolktales“Overview. These Tibetan Folk Tales were collected by Albert Shelton, a doctor and explorer who lived in Tibet for two decades in the early 20th century; he died there in 1922, and his wife published this book in 1925 based on his notes. You will find Buddhist legends here, along with traditional stories of Tibetan gods and goddesses, as well as magicians and wonder-workers. There are stories of ghosts and demons, plus many animal stories, including animal tricksters like the frog who is able to trick a tiger, or the rabbit who is able to trick a lion. There are fairy-tale stories, too, along with stories of human drama, both comical and tragic. Each of the stories is prefaced by a Tibetan proverb, and there are lovely illustrations for many of the stories, as you can see here in the first story when the frog confronts the tiger.”

This week’s digital skills workshop: Making Movies

To assist festival-goers in further developing their digital literacy skills and establishing a personal digital identity, each week we highlight a different topic being sponsored by the Bank of DS106 Assignment with volunteer support from the Open DS106 community.  This week we suggest Making Movies.

NEW RESOURCE: Open source video and other digital media resource for fair-goers to use in creating their art. http://pararchive.com/

Rather than specifying “assignments” everyone is encouraged to learn more about the topic of, making movies,  by visiting the Open DS106 Syllabus and choosing something to create from an array of video based digital projects. Each project links to examples of work completed by others.  They also include links to tutorials that can help you learn how to complete the work. By tagging your posts (either on the Burgeron Family blog or a personal blog) with both VideoAssignments and VideoAssignments#### your work will be added to the list of examples.  I found these tips for writing up ds106 Assignments in a blog post most helpful.

The Burgeron family blog is always available for posting. (If you need editor access or help let us know.) Or you can post to your own personal blog. Let us know there’s something new with a tweet tagged with #burgeron106 and posting a quick note at our DS106 Google+ Community.


What Do Fairy Tales Teach Our Children?


Today’s “fairy tales” are usually referring to the cleansed, safe versions found in Disney-trademarked stories that are filled with enchanted forests, singing birds, and happy endings. Many have no idea that traditional fairy tales, particularly the Grimm variety, fully intended to both frighten and instruct children in the harsh realities of life.

Some believe they should be banished. While others say that we should return to telling the stories as the Grimms and old lore told them — as warnings and morality tales. [Above excerpt adapted from the linked post.]

What do you think?

We invite you to visit any or all of the  Around the World workshops being held this year at the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival.



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