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Join the Burgeron family this summer exploring the fascinating world of fairy tales at the annual Bovine County Fairy Tale Fesitival. Artists in residence come and go or stay the summer long. Many activities are spontaneous and grow from who is present at the time. Regular on-going scheduled workshops are also being offered for those more comfortable with a structure.

Each week a new fairy tale genre and DS106 “Assignment” will be featured. See the schedule below with links to more information for those who want to catch up or jump ahead . Participate in a weekly workshop anytime or dip your digital toes into all nine! 

Due to Hurricane Hans the final two workshops have been cancelled.

  • CANCELLED Middle Earth – Mashup & Remix – Aug 17
  • CANCELLED Music Week Around The World – Aug 24

Check back often for updates and even find a place to stay by visiting our official Bovine County Fairy Tale Fesitival PR website. 

Summer 2015 Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival
-Fairy Tales Around The World Workshops –

Week 1 (June 29)- Netherlands Nostalgia & Working The Web

Week 2 (July 6)- The Celts Cometh & Designing Destiny

Week 3 (July 13)- Icelandic Imagery

Week 4 (July 20)- Hans Christian Andersen & Writing Your Own Tales

Week 5 (July 27)- North American Narratives & Animated GIFs

Week 6 (Aug 3)- Tibetan Tales & YouTube Tribulations

Week 7 (Aug 10)- Asian Antiquities & Fanfic Fantasy

CANCELED Week 8 (Aug 17)- Middle Earth Myths &  Mashup Mania

CANCELED Music Week (Aug 24) – Listening & Creating Audio:

Find more at:

Learn more about the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival by visiting our official PR website at:

the entire DS106 Assignment Bank can be found at:


Recent Posts

Burgeron Family Singers Release New Album, “Trailer of Woe”


The Burgeron family released their new album, Trailer of Woe, this month featuring the musical talents of the Headless Inkspots in coordination with the  #30daytdc challenge put out to the #DS106 online community by our favorite talking doll, @IamTalkyTina.  (Daily Create #tdc1998)

Sure to be a hit is the Title Track, “Trailer of Woe”, featuring the musical talents of the Headless Inkspots: Viv Rolfe and David Kernohan.  You can learn more about the fascinating history of the making of the “Trailer of Woe” here.

Fans will also enjoy the remix of the family’s signature song: “DS106 Burgeron Trailer Blues”. The individual recording session tracks are archived here. 

And  It’s a DS106 World. will sure to delight our #DS106 fans. Check out Rockylou’s story of the making of “It’s a DS106 World”.)

It’s a #DS106 World
by Rochelle Lockridge, @Cris2B, @Cogdog

Making art damn it keeps me sane
clears my mind, revs my brain
to create is better than champagne
makes me happy, makes me happy

There’s a freedom when you open up
Fill your cup, fill your cup
Ride the tension to a new creation
Live your vision, Live your vision

And I find it really funny, I find it really grand
to share my stuff with others makes my world expand
And some call it community, or maybe family
People creating art together, it’s a very very
DS106 World… DS106 World…

In front of me are familiar tweets
Blog updates, down under mates
Bright and early for the Daily Create
Making art, making art

Dancing Jim is filling up their GIFs
No layer masks, no layer masks
Going headless, don’t wanna do my work
Boss is a jerk, boss is a jerk

And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of mad
The dreams in which I’m clone brushing are the best I’ve ever had
I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take
When people share in circles it’s a very, very
DS106 World…  DS106 World…

Bloggers waiting for the moment they get pings
Read your post, loved your remix
And I feel the way when Kernohan sings
Sit and listen, sit and listen

Went to school and I was very nauseous
No one knew my blog, nor my soundcloud
Hello Assignment Bank, where’s my example?
Tagged right to me, tagged right through me

And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of mad
The dreams in which I’m clone brushing are the best I’ve ever had
I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take
When people share in circles it’s a very, very
DS106 World… DS106 World…  DS106 World…  DS106 World…




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