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Join the Burgeron family this summer exploring the fascinating world of fairy tales at the annual Bovine County Fairy Tale Fesitival. Artists in residence come and go or stay the summer long. Many activities are spontaneous and grow from who is present at the time. Regular on-going scheduled workshops are also being offered for those more comfortable with a structure.

Each week a new fairy tale genre and DS106 “Assignment” will be featured. See the schedule below with links to more information for those who want to catch up or jump ahead . Participate in a weekly workshop anytime or dip your digital toes into all nine! 

Due to Hurricane Hans the final two workshops have been cancelled.

  • CANCELLED Middle Earth – Mashup & Remix – Aug 17
  • CANCELLED Music Week Around The World – Aug 24

Check back often for updates and even find a place to stay by visiting our official Bovine County Fairy Tale Fesitival PR website. 

Summer 2015 Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival
-Fairy Tales Around The World Workshops –

Week 1 (June 29)- Netherlands Nostalgia & Working The Web

Week 2 (July 6)- The Celts Cometh & Designing Destiny

Week 3 (July 13)- Icelandic Imagery

Week 4 (July 20)- Hans Christian Andersen & Writing Your Own Tales

Week 5 (July 27)- North American Narratives & Animated GIFs

Week 6 (Aug 3)- Tibetan Tales & YouTube Tribulations

Week 7 (Aug 10)- Asian Antiquities & Fanfic Fantasy

CANCELED Week 8 (Aug 17)- Middle Earth Myths &  Mashup Mania

CANCELED Music Week (Aug 24) – Listening & Creating Audio:

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Learn more about the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival by visiting our official PR website at:

the entire DS106 Assignment Bank can be found at:

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Ballroom Dancing in Bovine County

No partner required- one will be provided

No partner required- one will be provided

Once the rubble was cleared from the big hurricane back in August 2015  I decided to dive headlong into ballroom dancing, taking lessons at Aunt Sappy and Anna Cow’s dance studio with little Sally Lou. I’ve spent all of my extra time and energy learning how to dance the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha, West Coast Swing… and the list goes on. I feel bad that I haven’t been spending time with my DS106 family, but all of the time I’ve spent with you and the digital storytelling skills I’ve learned have been right here keeping me company – reminding me of you almost everyday. Your past presence and play have encouraged and supported my ever widening creative endeavors in the outside world. I’ve been creating videos and images at work to share the story of new technologies in development in the 3M labs. And I’ve been writing a monthly column chronically my journey as a middle-aged woman learning how to ballroom dance.  I can’t share my 3M work just yet, it’s considered confidential at this point, but if you’re interested in finding out what I’ve been up to on my dancing journey below are links to my past columns. I’m looking forward to doing some reading, viewing and catching up on what the rest of the family has been doing the last couple of months.

Middle-aged Moves


The How:

To create the “How to Dance” GIF I started with a public domain image of a postcard from 1878 of a couple dancing the Tango.  At the time I made this I was writing my Partner Dancing Partnerless – Nov 2015 Sheer Dance column and wanted an image to go with it.  Unfortunately, the magazine editors aren’t as creative as the DS106 community and weren’t up to using this image format in their on-line publication.  Oh well, I’ll keep on them and eventually I’ll wear them down. 😉

The quick selection and magnetic lasso tools found in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 were invaluable.  I was able to cut-out the male dancer so I could make him disappear and reappear in the animation.  These tools were also used to copy nearby parts of the female dancer as well as liberal use of the clone tool to fill in the blanks.   For the animation the male image was added in and subtracting by changing the opacity of his layer in successive animation frames. With all of the experience I’ve had creating GIFs this was fairly easy.


Ballroom dancing at the trailer

Ballroom dancing at the trailer

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