Week 2 – We learn to listen!

Sit back family and listen to this extraordinary woman! We have many of those in our family history and at the trailer this summer. She is a deaf musician. Yes, you read right. Now just listen, but not before getting yourself a nice iced tea. It is about half an hour long.

And one for the children! Band practice time with Evelyn and may be Aunty Sappy will dance for us?

Now it is time to settle and reflect a little. What does it mean to tell a good story using only audio? Listen to a few people who have been doing it for a while. Go to the open syllabus and choose 1 video (you can listen to them all if you insist) in the tab titled ‘About audio Storytelling‘. I am biased but my favourite is dreamy Jad from RadioLab….I digress. Back to computer class.

Next you have to listen to a few stories and watch out for techniques that storytellers use to make them impact full. You might telling your own short story on Sound Cloud and link to it here?

Or one that is great for the children is to tell a sound effect story. Grown ups, control yourselves. Let the kids choose the sounds.

By the end of the week you need to have gone through the open syllabus unit and be ready to make sounds on the web and on the trailer! One thing you will not need to do is sign up for a radio team! Why? Because this family is already a team working together to put together the greatest reunion Bovine has ever seen. We will be using DS106 radio at our leisure to create audio summer fun. Your guides for this week @Rockylou22 and @clhendricksbc on the twitter.

I leave you with a short story from Dr M and her recipe for happiness.

With a wish for you to truly listen each day.


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