Bernie Burgeron LaSusa


Bernie (given name Bernice) has discovered she is a Burgeron.

Bernie is of Dutch heritage. Her mother passed away shortly after childbirth. Her father found himself not able to care for her or her older brother and sister and left Holland for the United States with the children. Her father knew that some of his family was in the United States in the midwest. He had lost his own parents early in life and was not sure of his lineage. He found the name Burgeron on some papers but never found the links or family.

Bernie being an infant required more care than he could provide and a family in Wisconsin adopted her by the name of Klutenburg. Her brother and sister remained in Michigan with their father, but maintained contact with Bernie and connected as young adults.

More research and finding out is needed by Bernie to find out where Burgeron comes into her own story and how she can connect with the family as well as tell them about her life up until now and meeting them.

She is headed to Bovine Texas as she heard the Burgeron Family has a summer retreat each year. She has already found work with the Bovine County publie relations department to help cover expenses. She figures working on the festival promotion will help her discover and learn about the Burgerons and the history – and perhaps make some history with them this summer as well.

Here are some pictures of Bernie from younger days. She is working on her profile picture for the PR department and hopes to share it soon.

Bernie - Ping Pong Champ

Ping Pong Champ




3 thoughts on “Bernie Burgeron LaSusa

  1. Well, dear when you come we need to introduce you to the whole family. Hopefully this will not mean you will need therapy with me at the tree house. We also have a screening room for fun films there is therapy not up your street. Welcome to the family and we look forward to learning more about you. It seems from the photos you were a keen sportswoman in your time. The family here does not do much sports beyond drinking the Burgeron Brew for too often…


  2. Hey Bernie,
    I am Jaap Kluitenberg from the Netherlands. In my genealogy there is a La Susa who married Berendine (Bertha) Kluitenberg. Is that name familiar to you ?
    I am curious about it. Please reply.
    Kindly regards,
    Jaap Kluitenberg.


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