Week 1 – What is a story?

Well family here we go! I must remind you that Nana Lou made it clear that there are conditions to those iPad and computers she has given everyone:

Each digitally challenged family member should: Enroll in a computer class where they learn to use computers, social media and digital tools. Demonstrate they have learned well by publishing their work and process on-line. This website will chronicle that learning and our Burgeron family history for future generations.

So, are we all ready? This is the Computer Course Week #1.

First thing we need to do is work out what we are using these digital tools for: Telling stories. As The Burgeron Family has to chronicle the family history and learning, it seems important to learn something about how to tell a good ol’ digital story.

Best thing to look at first is the Story Spine. Try using it in one of your blog posts here on the family site.


Burgeron family internet & computer classes courtesy of the DS106 Open Course

We are using the DS106 open syllabus and note that we are starting at Unit 3 on that ’cause the family has been preparing for the last few weeks and we have already got our tools in place to start asking ourselves how to write a good story.

So Nana expects you to look at the whole of Unit 3 syllabus for the course and during this, our own Week #1, you should pick three things you are not familiar with, learn them and post something here on the family site that shows us all you have a better sense of what digital storytelling means. The rest of the family will comment on your posts and make suggestions about how to be a digitally literate Burgeron!

Enjoy Week #1 y’all. Your guides for this week are Christina Hendricks and Janet Webster. You can find Christina on Twitter @clhendricksbc for any computer queries or just ask her to tell you a nice story! Janet Webster, aka ‘Sappho’ (Don Burgeron’s sister – better known to us as Aunt Sappy), our storytelling recluse, will also be available this week for stories, writing tips and questions. You can find her on Twitter under @JanWeb3 or look at her Storytelling pages for some ideas about how to weave yourself into the Burgeron saga.

The central idea of our Burgeron story is that we are hosting a virtual family reunion at our trailer in Bovine County, Texas to celebrate Nana Lou’s 100th birthday. Nana Lou will be announcing something special at this reunion. Use your imagination while you learn digital skills and join the fun!


Disclaimer: This Summer 2014 DS106 site, the story, and all the characters are fictional; the intention of this site is for teaching and learning digital storytelling. It is a family-friendly site where children may also be participating with adult supervision of internet use.

For information regarding creative commons licensing, go here.


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