Sappho On Storytelling

sappho2I’ve volunteered to introduce the family and its many friends to storytelling. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to do this. I generally like to adopt an inclusive and generous approach to my lessons, so I will begin by saying that there is no right or wrong way to tell a story.

This Digital Storytelling 106 open summer course begins June 21, but if you look at our family’s website, you will see that some characters have already emerged and begun weaving  web stories in writing, animated gifs, videos, sound, visuals -all loosely tied to the central idea of a virtual family reunion in Bovine County, Texas to celebrate Nana Lou’s 100th birthday. Nana Lou will be announcing something special at this reunion. Imagination runs rampant in virtual reality! You can join the fun!

The narrative mode comes naturally to us as a style for organizing thoughts and ideas. We are storytelling creatures. Stories create a vocabulary of understanding – each person lives a story; each person shares his or her story with others – stories unfold frames of reference. Stories give order to complex realities. I heard an Elder say, many years ago; “I tried to live my life right. I tried to live my life like a story.” Maybe Nana Lou said this too, I am not sure.

The Burgeron Family invites you to the Bovine County Trailer this summer to tell your stories. Here is a link to the DS106 Handbook in case you need some orientation to the Open Course which can eventually take on a web life of its own. DS106 is #4Life

You can also sit by my campfire if you like and tell me your stories, and I’ll tell you mine.


Credits: Writing and images by ‘Sappho’ @Janweb3


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