Making Sound to Video – Connections

Well without even realizing it – Bernie and I got a step up on this weeks digital skills work!

We decided to take the audio from a few weeks back and put it into video form – so now we have the next iteration. You would think we had our ducks in a row and wrote, recorded, and then visualized as part of a grand plan. If that’s what you think – terrific! Go with that – it makes us look good.

Truth is, it was a natural evolution and worked. We learned a little more about iMovie instead of other tools because here at the FairyTale festival we need to be mobile and not sure where we will be working so it has to be done on our laptop. We may get to grander desktop productions, but that might need to wait until we are back in the midwest and snowed in this winter. Which makes me wonder why we come to Texas in the heat of the summer and stay in Wisconsin in the cold of the winter. We may need to see if the family wants to try a winter retreat!

This is a story of connections. DS106 and the Ed Administrator.

Open sharing and connections are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They are the everyday simple acts of kindness and reaching out that together make wealth in life. Sometimes they become the awesome out of this world-never thought it could happen events, but mostly it is the true enrichment of the small touches that together add up.

We hope you enjoy the story in video form. In the Assignment bank of ds106 it is  VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments1638

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