Meet Sally Lou


Little Sally Lou: dancer, singer, listener, inventor (Image courtesy of the Library of Congress Flickr Commons)

The Burgeron clan have some great kids.  I’d like to introduce you to Sally Lou, my great grand daughter on the Louridge side.  She likes to dance and sing a lot. She and her Aunt Sappy are already planning a dance show for the big family reunion to celebrate my 100th birthday at the end of August.

Young girls competing at the Royal Academy of Dancing (London) exams held in Brisbane and Toowoomba, 1938

What a voice this little gal has , and she likes to listen to music too.  She’s been listening to the family practicing the Burgeron Trailer House Blues.  I wonder if Uncle Ron will have a separate Burgeron children’s version just for the kids? I just think it would be so lovely to hear Sally Lou, Bella, Bonnie, DJ, and maybe even Little Boo singing all together. Those digital audio skills sure can come in handy when we adults want to share how proud we are of our little ones.

Sometimes Sally Lou likes to hide from grown-ups though, especially if they are going to go someplace she doesn’t want to go. I understand how Sally Lou feels.  Sometimes Nana Lou likes to hide from the grown-ups too. Do you know… this little lady has gone and made a machine to make a fake Sally Lou to go to the places that she doesn’t really want to go, and she can control it with a little remote control. She’s already on her way to growing up to be another famous inventor, like her Great Great Great Granny Roxy Louridge, the inventor of GIFaChrome. How could a Great Great Nana not be proud of all these wonderful Burgeron family children that are coming to join us this summer at The Trailer. 🙂


Burgeron children playing at Dr. M’s new tree house. [Image remix by Rochelle Lockridge- children courtesy of the Library of Congress Flickr Commons- background courtesy of John Johnston]

(Images courtesy of the Library of Congress Flickr Commons.  No known copyright restrictions.)


Little Boo – the family ghost

Reading my grand daughter Sappho’s story today about why she left home brought back many sweet memories of her and her brothers, Don & West,  growing up in that old Burgeron trailer on 106 Stories Lane.  One such memory was fondly watching them play with our resident family ghost, Little Boo.

He’s been a part of the family for as long as anyone can remember.  And it’s not only the Burgeron’s who can see this sweet little guy. His friend Ina was a beta-tester for the GIFaChrome camera that another of my grand daughters, Rochelle Louridge, launched in December. Little Boo was thrilled to be able to show his true nature to the world.

My memory isn’t quite what it used to be, reaching that century mark in August and all, so I’m not clear how or when he showed up. It may come to me later though.


Recent discovery: Old Burgeron Trailer Song

An old recording of the Burgeron Trailer Song was recently discovered in the National Archives of the Congress.  The song dates back to the earliest times of the blues. The recording was probably done in the 1920s. It was song by the Burgeron family members on family gatherings and other occasions. (Listen to more family members singing our song here.)

In this particular recording it’s assumed that it is Ron Burgeron singing. Apparently he wasn’t too happy when he sang it. But then again, the text isn’t too happy either considering him being alone with nothing but a pregnant cow.
The text Ron Burgeron is singing is not quite the same as the original text displayed below. We think it’s only natural that small changes happen in songs over time.

Another more current remake was also located that has a vocal track.  We think it may be Rochelle Louridge, current CEO of GIFaChrome, as a young woman hanging out at the Burgeron Trailer.

The lyrics to the song, as sung by Rochelle Louridge are the following (see below). There may be other versions out there we are currently unaware of.  If you have any leads please write to:

The Burgeron Family
DS106 Stories Lane
Bovine County, Texas

Old Burgeron trailer song ( recording estimate 1923 )

I’m sit’n ‘n front my trailer
having so much fun,
I’m sit’n ‘n front my trailer and
the fun has just begun.

The cow is now in labour
the boys are on the run
daddy’s full of booze and
where the heck is mum?

Oh …

I’m sit’n ‘n front my trailer
having so much fun, I’m
sit’n ‘n front my trailer and
the fun has just begun.

sit’n ‘n front my trailer and
the fun has just begun.