Sappho’s Many Moving Parts


My summer holiday at the Village.

Gif Camp on Mondays at the Village Studio.


Introduction to Filming on Tuesdays at the Village Pantheon.

Still Photography and Time Travel on Wednesdays at Bungalow # 6.


Poster Making on Thursdays at the Village Rec Hall.


Fridays for Exercise and Workouts Around the Village. Free Day!


Saturday and Sunday: Special Projects TBA


Puffin Fairies Invade The Village

Talk about “Jammers”… The #Burgeron106 Puffin Fairy Flock discovered Dr. M’s teleporting treehouse this week.

They invaded the #Prisoner106 Village



declared war on The General.


I hear with the help of the #burgeron106 Special Forces they stole the General’s design secrets for Speed Learn before blowing up that old mainframe computer. NanaLou will be announcing soon her own plans using this technology for the good of all – as it was meant to be.

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The Trailer of Woe

Oh my…poor Nanalou has been worried sick about her #Burgeron106 family traveling over to the #Prisoner106 village. While they are continuing to travel back and forth (Dr. M’s teleporter appears to still be working.) She’s been preparing herself to distribute missing persons posters around the Bovine County Fairy Tale festival grounds and on-line- just in case they become permanent residents of The Village.


She and SuperMoo have been quite the pair.  While he’s been moooooning over Anna Cow– writing her love songs and all – Nanalou found a song in that old Celtic Lyre song book herself: “The Isle of Mist“.



She’s been changing the lyrics and asked me if I’d help her out by singing her version, “The Trailer of Woes”, when she’s finished.  I agreed and I asked Cousin Ron if he wouldn’t mind making us a quick recording of the melody. It’s been tough to get the timing down, and the written vocal range felt a bit high when I was sitting down to learn it the other morning. I think I should be able to pull it off if I warm up my voice first.

Femme_lyreIf I ever figure out the guitar chords that might go with this music, I’ve agreed to pass them along to Cousin Ron.  At this point I’ve sort of given up hope on that front. Plucking out the notes on my guitar, as if it were a Lyre, may be all I can do.  I did ask @vivienrolfe of the Headless Inkspots if she could maybe try her hand at a fuller music arrangement.  She was excited by the challenge and even has a few days off to give it a go.

Below are the lyrics NanaLou working with.

The Trailer of Woe
(New Lyrics by NanaLou, click here to listen to the melody)

Thru trials great and sor-row,
Her grey head now en-shroud,
And her life’s sun is sett-ting
be-hind a dark-some cloud;
Yet still she’s fondly long-ing ___
O would the day were come;
To see your shining faces,
At the Burgeron Trailer home.

‘Tis forty days and more now,
Since from the Trailer you set,
And in The Village waters
Cast forth your fishing net
And though you got a number
To fill your house with store;
You still must ne’er forget thee,
Your trailer home of yore.

All who have ears to hear it,
Or tongues the tale to tell,
Come join with me in singing
The woes that did befell;
How hundreds of our people
From hill and glen were torn,
And far across the ocean
From their loved trailer were borne

Farewell, dear friends and kinsfolk,
Wherever you may roam,
Both young and old, in exile,
Far from your trailer home;
And O, remember NanaLou,
When laid her sirens among;
‘Twas cruel wrong and sorrow
First wak’d her soul to song.

Update (7-12-15 final version uploaded to SoundCloud)


Number 6 Reads Fairy Tales

Children? Children? Where are the children in The Village? I’m not sure how I feel about finding out there is a nursery in the village.


But I was totally delighted when I saw Number 6 reading fairy tales to the little ones on one of the tapes I had procured on a recent visit. As we all  know The Village keeps meticulous records.  There were a total of 17 video tapes in all. They each came with a title and a detailed account of what was on the tape. I was intrigued by the title of tape #16, “Once Upon A Time“, but was disappointed upon finding no fairy tales- only one more desperate dark attempt by Number 2 to extract INFORMATION from Number 6 by using some sort of a regressive therapy technique, directing a series of psychodramas in an “Embryo Room” where they go through the different stages of Number Six’s life hoping to extract why he resigned. Surprise, Surprise…. Number 6 thwarts Number 2’s fiendish efforts and reveals nothing of importance in the end.

Village_StoryBookThen I popped in tape 15, “The Girl Who Was Death“. And there… in the last two minutes of the tape was dear Number 6 reading fairy tales to the village children from the village story book. Although I had easily hacked my way in to watching the videos in Dr. M’s screening room, due to an elaborate encryption of the tapes, I have thus far been unable to download them in a digital version which I can easily share with the rest of the family.  But you know that’s not going to stop this ol’ lady.  My creative problem solving skills kicked into high gear and I used my iPhone to record the scene playing on the TV. Then I used the Photo Transfer App to transfer the video to my iMac where I could more easily work with it- like capturing a frame that showed an image of the village story book.

Using the Grab tool my first attempt at capturing the image resulted in the player bar being visible. Not good.


I tried again, this time capturing a larger section of the screen around the video player window. Much better… Showing my “prisoner” folder under the video player image was an accident that I really loved! It tells more of my process story by seeing how I’m working. (Ya’ gotta love that serendipity thing.)PrisonerVillageStoryBook

Next I used iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe to convert the slightly less versatile older .mov format to .mp4 so I could post it to YouTube and people who still used those buggy PC’s (as opposed to a wonderful iMac like mine) could watch it without problems. I realized after it was too late that I had forgotten to trim the end that showed the credits. I didn’t want those. Yippee! I didn’t have to delete the already uploaded video, I could use the “enhancements” option on YouTube to split and trim my video right there in place. No need to upload anything new.

See for yourself how wonderful Number Six is with the village children.  He’s promised to come back tomorrow night to read them another. Perhaps Cousin Ron can sneak him a copy of “The Little Butterfly and the Old House“. Or one of the Burgeron family can locate The Village Story Book and bring it back to the Bovine County Fairy Tale festival. What other stories might be in there?