NanaLou’s Digital Fridge

As a kid having your prized #Burgeron106 art projects posted onto NanaLou’s refrigerator meant it was “real” art.  I’ve always been oh so proud of my family’s creative masterpieces –  no matter what their age. But these days things are different. How can a refrigerator magnet attach an audio or video file? Or, heaven forbid, an interactive digital media project?  Ol’ NanaLou has figured it out with my new “digital fridge” that can display any of my family’s art projects. Simply click an image on the fridge door to find out more.

VisualAssignments1442: Storytelling Collage

NOTE: For an optimal user experience, use a computer rather than a mobile device to interact with my digital fridge door.

The hardest part about making this digital refrigerator door with the image mapper software was (through trial and error) figuring out I needed to make my original image 600px wide.  Anything bigger than that wouldn’t map correctly when it was actually displayed on our blog.


#Burgeron106 Fridge Magnet

Burgeron106 Magnet


Happenings in Holland

Week 1: Netherlands Nostalgia & Working The Web



The Around The World workshops at the Annual Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival are in full swing with continued learning, reading, storytelling, writing, creating art, and much more.  We were encouraged to visit Holland this week and try our hand at working with the web.  My research into Dutch fairy tales began a few weeks back when Professor Ryker T. Stork arrived at the Burgeron place.  If you look close at our website banner you can see that he’s taken up residence atop my shed in the large nest that Cousin Ron made for him-  as I learned is common in the stork world through reading Dutch fairy tales like “Why The Stork Loves Holland”.  The “why storks deliver babies” thing was an interesting aside.

Speaking of “aside”, my confusion and curiosity about the whole Netherlands/Holland/Dutch nomenclature had me searching the web trying to wrap my ol’ brain around it. Cousin Ron offered to help me out by pointing me to short video on YouTube that claimed to be able to teach me everything I needed to know to be able to know the difference between Holland & The Netherlands in only 4 minutes.  I’m not sure if it helped or made matters worse. I’m leaning more towards the “worse”. 🙂

WEB ASSIGNMENT: “Email! Email! Read All About It!”

For a Web Assignment I took a trip to the Bank of DS106 Assignments to see what piqued my interest. I decided  WebAssignments1644, “Email! Email! Read All About It!” was something I wanted to invest in. As directed, I opened an account at Vertical Response. It was a painless process that went smoothly, and it’s FREE for small newsletter distributions like what we have here in Bovine County and the Fairy Tale Festival.

The user interface to create the newsletter and e-mail distribution list were straightforward.  There are templates with somewhat limited formatting choices, but that actually made it easier. (I saw an option for using your own HTML code, but I haven’t followed up on that yet.) I could go in and make an adequate newsletter very quickly.  Seeing in-app previews for both laptop and mobile devices was a real bonus. Sending draft copies to myself helped me to fine-tune the layout and links. I always like to test things out on myself before subjecting my friends and family to my projects.

I chose a few posts from our blog that I felt would provide an introduction or update to what we were up to and that a reader would be drawn in by the image. The color selection of the outside margins was an unexpected detail that bothered me for quite awhile until I finally settled on a golden color that went with the banner color scheme. (See image at end of post.)

Once the formatting was finished I could send it to my e-mail list.  There is a fantastic stats page that lets you see who actually opened the e-mail and who clicked on what. I mean, it gives you e-mail address detail, not just aggregated numbers. It then suggests that I resend it the newsletter to the e-mail addresses that didn’t open it the first time.  As you can see below, I had a disappointing 50% hit rate for my first newsletter. 😦


As noted in the assignment directions, there’s no easy way that I could find even, to embed a copy of the newsletter into our blog.  And after much trial and error I found that I could hover over the “View Online” link at the top of the e-mail newsletter, then right-click to “copy address”. I’m hoping this turns out to be a successful workaround to provide a link to the online version of the newsletter. I haven’t tested it on anyone else yet though.  Let me know what happens for you.

I wanted to have an actual embedded newsletter with active links in my post here. Simply copying the newsletter didn’t work well. I then settled for recreating an image of the newsletter, so at least you could see what I’d created. I pulled up a preview copy of the newsletter, using the Grab app on my iMac I capture the image in three parts. I then opened and combined the layers in Photoshop to produce the image below.

I briefly considered recreating the live links with a recently discovered feature the “Slice Tool” in Photoshop that allows you to create hyperlinks on an image. The effort to add that fine-detail wasn’t worth it this time around.  Maybe with my next project….


#Burgeron106 Infiltrates #Prisoner106

The big news this week hasn’t been the official opening of the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival as anticipated.  Although the first workshop, “Holland Works The Web” was announced.  And there’s an active project underway to record a version of “Goldilocks and The Three Bears.”


What’s really captured the attention and imaginations of the family at the Burgeron place has been the new transporter retrofit at Dr. M’s tree house. What innocently began as “gawker” trips to The Prisoner106 Village have become more and more frequent and some members of the family have succumbed to the sweet siren’s call of #Prisoner106. They’ve handed in their resignation and received their official village ID cards in order to partake of the full amenities available to the compliant residents of The Village.


Cousin Ron =>

Aunt Sappy =>

Bernie Burgeron posts =>




Upon seeing this alarming development I made a plan to infiltrate The Prisoner106 Village to keep my Burgeron106 family safe and help them escape should that prove necessary. Becoming a resident of The Prisoner106 Village retirement home was an obvious fit.  With the added benefit that I could feign sudden on-set dementia and Alzheimers if I got caught and they pressed me for information.

To get my credentials I was able to forge a fake village resident card by hacking into the the Village Office computer, downloading their layered PSD file and creating my own card. It was an easy hack.  Minor issues I had to deal with were downloading the official village font (Village.ttf available at  or Village.ttf available at  and deciding what my village role would be: explosives expert (read more…) and Biomedical Engineer so I’d have easy access to the hospital.

My quote was trickier. I wasn’t familiar with “The Prisoner” and hadn’t started watching the secret tapes yet that I’d found. So I pulled up Wikipedia to peruse popular Prisoner quotes until I found one that I liked.

“Oh certainly, but both sides are becoming identical. What in fact has been created is an international community–perfect blueprint for world order. When the sides facing each other suddenly realize that they’re looking into a mirror, they will see that “this” is the pattern for the future.”

Another troubling development is what appears to be a glitch with Dr. M’s transporter technology. I’m quite alarmed.  A little background research on her  transporter technology developers should raise eyebrows as to their technical mastery. I’m questioning whether these guys have even a minimal understanding of Einsteins Theory of Relativity.

It turns out that when she uses the treehouse transporter time stops in Bovine County until she returns.

How is this going to impact our Fairy Tale Festival?  If time stops here in Bovine County while our family is away, when they return will it be as if nothing unusual had happened and we simply pick right back up where things left off?

Am I the only one who realizes this time stopping phenonmemon is occurring? Will it be okay to let the family run their course with the #Prisoner106 village until they have reached their fill?

NanaLou Captured On MP3

It was a magical night last night.  Nanalou sitting under Dr. M’s tree house, the little Burgeron children snuggled together with the campfire crackling, the katydids and crickets singing their song, and the sweet music of Cousin Ron practicing piano drifting gently on the breeze.   Professor Ryker T. Stork was quick enough to whip out his iPhone and capture the entire evening’s festivities of Nanalou telling the story of  The Old Windmill & The Butterfly.

Thanks to the following for letting us create more art with your art.

Nana tells an old Dutch fairy tale

It’s early in the evening when Nana’s sitting under the tree house of Dr M with all the Burgeron children gathered around her. Even little Boo has come to listen to the story Nana is about to tell.

Nana’s a great story teller. Her digital stories are known to many people all around the world. So now be silent and listen to Nana tell the story of …


Once upon a time there was an old windmill that stood on its spot as long as the people could remember. The miller was very proud of his mill that was made by hand by his forefathers. No other windmill in the county could grind as fine as this one. From all over the county the farmers brought their corn to the miller.

The old windmill was taken care of very well; an extra coat of paint in due time, some varnish on the sails, a good clean of the mill stone; no efforts were spared in order to keep the windmill in good shape.

The miller dreamed of the moment that he could pass on his windmill to his eldest son, who was about to get married and who would continue the miller’s work with much love.

But it wasn’t just the miller who dreamed. The windmill itself dreamed too. How much would he like to explore the wide world, to look upon the earth from way above, to make long journeys and have many adventures.

“Oh yes, how much I would like to do all that,” sighed the old windmill.

“Where’s that sigh coming from?” whispered the wind. The wind was the oldest friend of the mill. Over many years the sails had been dancing in full harmony to the wind. Even when it stormed and when the wind played a rough game upon the sails, they caught the blows without any complaints.

“My old friend, you’ve known me for such a long time already and yet you have no knowledge of my deepest wish?”

“What would that be then, dear windmill? Nobody can grind as well as you. You’re being well taken care of and soon you’ll get a new boss who’s bragging about you to his friends already.”

“That’s all true, but I want to fly!”

“To fly?” said the wind, “but, why?”

“I want to see the world. I hear the birds whistle and tell each other all kind of stories when they fly by. At times I’m lucky when they take a short break on one of my sails, and then I hear a little bit more of their story. But mostly it’s all just small parts of the whole thing and it’s just like a patchwork blanket without any color to me.”

“Oh my dear old friend, maybe I can be of help to you. I can’t let you fly, but maybe there’s another way to get to know more about the world. Tomorrow is a new day, let’s just see what it’ll bring to you.”

At dawn the old windmill felt a breeze caressing its sails. The wind put a small, fluffy thing on a sail, a thing unknown to the mill. After a couple of days, on a sunny day, the cocoon – for that was what the wind had put on the sail – opened up, and a beautiful colorful butterfly got out. She was more beautiful than anything the windmill had seen before.

“Welcome my little friend,” said the windmill, “let me be your home.”

“Where am I, who are you?”

“I’m an old windmill and you’re on one of my sails.”

“Oh,” said the butterfly while looking around. “Sorry, but I have to be off now, I have to fly.”

“Please little butterfly, don’t leave me. I’m standing here for more than one hundred years, always on the same spot. I see nothing of the world beyond the fields and the little town. Couldn’t you go into the world for me, and return every evening filled with stories and adventures and share those with me? Couldn’t you be my eyes to the world?”

“But, I can’t fly that far in one day,” said the butterfly.


WindmillButterflyStory_800pxThe windmill looked sadly at the butterfly. Would his dream be nothing but a dream after all? The windmill was too occupied with his grieve to notice that the wind had returned.

“Fear not my friend,” said the wind, “I’ll lift this darling creature every day farther than she could have flown on her own strength. I’ll lift her way high into the sky, and will fly with her over clouds and rainbows. When she gets tired, I’ll bring her back, every night, to you my dear old pal.”

“Then it’s okay,” said the little butterfly, “old windmill, I’ll be your window to the world and thus we will have many adventures together.”

And so it went. Every morning the little butterfly was taken by the wind to faraway places, and was brought back to the windmill when the sun went down. The windmill listened to all the stories eagerly and lived through all adventures with such intensity that it could have been his own adventures.

Weeks passed and summer became autumn.

On a warm day the butterfly landed on a sail and said “dear old windmill, the world is such a great adventure, and many adventures we’ve lived through. I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I did.”

“What do you mean, my friend?”

“I feel my eyes getting blurry and my wings getting stiff. Even when the wind is ever so gentle with me, there still will be a time that I will make my last journey and become as one with the wind.”

“But, I’ll miss you!” said the windmill.

“I will miss you too, old friend. I’d love to have a place to rest where you’d know where I am, and where you might even see me once in a while. But all that is not in our hands.”

The butterfly said farewell to the windmill and the windmill waved a last goodbye with his slowly turning sails. The wind lifted the butterfly with its weary body and took it to the meadow nearby.

In the green grass of the meadow stood a beautiful young woman.

“How lucky I am,” she whispered to herself, “to get to live here with the love of my life.”

The young wife of the miller’s son looked up and saw the little butterfly approaching. She lifted her hand and the butterfly landed gently on her finger.

“How beautiful you are, and how nice of you to visit me on this last warm evening. Shall we watch the sun go down together?”

The young miller’s wife put the butterfly on her bare shoulder and together they watched the sunset. The little butterfly, tired yet satisfied of everything that she had seen, closed her wings for the last time while the windmill’s sails turned to the gentle breeze of the wind.


The children were all silent. The little ones had fallen asleep already, and some had tears in their eyes.
“Nana tell us more …” they cried all at once.
“No,” said Nana, “it’s bed time now. Off ya’ll go now. I’ll see you tomorrow evening here at the same spot. And then we can share the stories the butterfly must have taken back to the windmill every evening just as we tell each other our daily adventures over supper each night.”

The children went home. Even little Boo went searching for his mama.
All turned quiet as the night set over Bovine Texas.

(Listen in to this magical evening of Nanalou telling the story.)

Ryker Teunis Stork Arrives

The Burgeron place has been all aflutter this week preparing for the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival. Talk about a flutter…  My heart nearly gave out as a stork flew in this week, out-of-the-blue. I almost fainted right then and there thinkin’ he was delivering a baby for ol’ Nanalou. I’m far too old for that kind of thing. But no… nothing like that.  It was Professor Ryker Teunis Stork, world renowned scholar of Dutch Fairy Tales and Proverbs from the University of Amsterdam. On the invitation of Cousin Ron he had flown in to spend his sabbatical in Bovine County to teach Dutch Folklore workshops.

Cousin Ron has an RV parked behind my shed and is making the place something magical.  You just have to see it to believe it.  Festival goers are invited  to join him on a magical journey into the world of Dutch Fairy Tales. To bring an aire of authenticity to the “Dutch Zone” Ron placed an old cart wheel on the top of my roof- a long tradition in Holland to encourage the Stork to take up residence.  He didn’t tell me about it though. And you can imagine the fright I had when I saw this White Stork flying in and landing right there on the top of my shed, and immediately begin calling out to Ron with all those clicks letting him know he’d arrived.


After the two of them calmed me down and reassured me I wasn’t in a “family way” they sat out on my front porch to reminisce their exploits as young dutch”men” growing up in the Netherlands.  The proverbs! The proverbs! I had no idea how many of those pithy little sayings like:

“Aan de vruchten kent men den boom” – The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


“Het end is goed, alles is goed.” – All is well that ends well.

originated in Holland.

Ryker has been so thoughtful. To show his appreciation for letting him stay on my roof for the summer, he presented me with a painting1130px-Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder_-_The_Dutch_Proverbs_-_Google_Art_Project Netherlandish Proverbs (Dutch: Nederlandse Spreekwoorden) by the 16th century Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder that depicts a scene in which humans and, to a lesser extent, animals and objects, offer literal illustrations of Dutch language proverbs and idioms.

I’m very excited to learn more about the Dutch culture this summer.  Once Professor Ryker and Ron retired for the night, I jumped right into loosing myself with Google as I entered new search terms and followed link after link. Here are a few the family might be interested in.

There have been a few more inquires to reserve space at the festival, but nothing definite. There was one initial inquiry about a Middle Earth shire, but no commitments yet.

The spots should be filling soon.

Image Credits:

Merry Music – But who’s Metadude?

That Magic Memory Mirror is cool- made my first visit this week.  I’d remembered little snapshots and soundbites of song & sound from our lost week, but the mirror revealed a whole lot more that went on.  Our Trailer Song continued to be a hit throughout the week.


The children were all dancing and singing to the Burgeron Children’s Song. And the ABC Song was a hit with the real little ones. It wasn’t clear who commissioned it, but little Sally Lou and the other Burgeron children had a cute cow song for our sweet Anna Cow. Although Don Burgeron was rockin’ the joint with his version of “Who Let The Cow’s Out“.

There were group singalongs, requested solos by Nanalou, myself (Rochelle Louridge), Mama Boo and Cousin Ron.  Dr. M even had a go (after she’d had a bit too much of the ol’ Burgeron Backwoods Brew.)  The Headless Inkspots were in fine form performing a great rendition featuring a banjo, ukelele and Strawberry Arizona washboard.


But that duet with Nanalou and Cousin Froid was… shall we say… an event that I am amazed any of us could forget.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when my daughter, Amber, and I sang “Motherless Child”


Cousin Ron was heard playing the old piano out in the cow barn behind the trailer.


Who knew Little Ron Burgeron’s music lessons would pay off in the long run. Piano AND Guitar. The man has talent. But his moonshine induced croning over “Betty-Lou Schaeffner” was a sorry sight.


Aunt Sappy was reciting love poetry in all manner of languages. Her German poem “An Anna Blume” was described as a parody of a love poem, an emblem of the chaos and madness of the week.



But who’s this Metadude guy?  Some of the Burgeron family members were really digging his techno vibe. But the mirror only let me hear the music and allowed me to catch a few glimpses of the story. I’m really curious now.  If anyone has any more detail please share with the rest of us.


Lost in Time and Space?


Burgeron Beauty Memory Mirror

NanaLou here…The Burgeron family reunion and concurrent celebration of my 100th birthday at the end of August 2014 was an amazing event – reminiscent of the ’82 Bovine Hoedown. Or so we’ve been told and what glimpses we can gather from the drone-a-chrome camera and the Burgeron Beauty Memory Mirror we found following that wild week of merriment & moonshine.

It turns out we partook of more than a little too much of the Burgeron Backwoods Brew and woke up moaning on Monday morning having misplaced an entire week, except for the snippets of events we think may’ve gone on.  Not sure myself, but there might’ve been at some point a greased pig running around Dr. M’s treehouse, more joy riding on Cousin Reggie’s time cycle, our lovely Anna Cow, in all her finery, giving dance lessons atop the trailer and more joy rides with Don’s drones with trips into the mysterious Area 106.  And I’m pretty sure there was some sort of dispute involving a game of Dungeons and Dragons where members of the Boo family were angrily accusing the Dungeon Master (my great grandson-in-law) of running the game with a corporeal bias.

“How can a ghost take a -2 handicap due to blood loss? There’s no blood to lose!”

“Fine, call it ectoplasm loss, then.  You’re still down two on strength unless you’ve got a healing spell I don’t know about.”

One memory I hope not to recover is what led to the recording of this “interesting” duet of our trailer house blues song with me and Cousin Froid.

When I stumbled onto the front porch of my shed that first day of September, more bleary eyed than usual, I nearly tripped over the magic memory mirror that has been slowly revealing our lost week.  But she’s a temperamental beauty and is selective on what and when she chooses to reveal her secrets.  It seems each of the family members is allowed to see only a portion of the week, or a certain event. I wonder if the details of Don’s abduction will be brought to the surface.  Dr. M has offered to keep the memory mirror at her place so that she and her professional expertise will be nearby if any traumatic memories should arise. If we really want to know what happened we are going to have to reassemble events memory by memory.


“To The Bovine Signal” Original image by Skye McAllister. GIF remix by Rochelle Lockridge

We need all the help we can get to reclaim our lost week. The bovine signal was flashing when we finally came to, but the only signs of our caped crusaders Super Moo & Cowgirl were a couple of GIFaChrome snaps thought to be taken during a rescue attempt for cousin Stefanie.  Even our own Betsy de R., ace reporter for the Bovine County Daily and her trusty sidekick Aunt Sappy are struggling with this one.  The family blog is ready and waiting for any and all Burgeron friends and family members to add their recollections of the biggest, baddest, best Burgeron family reunion ever.  Feel free to post any audio versions on our family Soundcloud group.  And keep it clean guys.  Remember, the Burgeron children are reading this too.


#DS106 #4Life

But I don’t want to end my post with only lost memories.  I want to remind the family that we’ll be making new memories this summer.  It’s once again time for us to host the world renowned bi-annual Bovine County Storytelling Fair.  This year’s theme will be Fairytales and it runs all summer long.  We’ll be immersed in all number of storytelling platforms, with workshops and a culminating collection of our favorites to be published in an official multi-media flipbook.  I can’t wait to read the wonderful stories that will fill those empty pages at the end of the summer. More details to come.

NanaLou & SindyLou- Lost and Found

 Heaven’s to Betsy…. What day is it? Wait… I don’t even know what year it is anymore… What year is it? Did I miss my birthday?  What about the family reunion? Last time I knew what was going on, I had asked cousin Ron if I could take a spin on his time cycle.  My younger sister SindyLou, who’d arrived a little early for the family reunion, wanted to take a ride.  As you can see by her expression below, she was not a happy camper.
I still don’t know how to control this thing.  All these dials…. no instructions… We were all over the place and time trying to get ourselves back home.  Thanks to Sappho for finding me while she was in Hawaii. Dr. M,  we’re going to need your help.  SindyLou and I are going to need some major therapy after this trip.  I see that your tree house is finished, and there’s little Doggie Boo out front waiting to greet us at the #burgeron106 trailer. What stories we have to tell.

NanaLou & her little sister SindyLou taking a “joy” ride on the time cycle. (Image captured with the drone-a-chrome camera.)

Resilience – 5 Card Flickr Poetry

Being a scientist by training, poetry hasn’t always come easy to ol’ Nana Lou.  Thanks to our week one #burgeron106 assignment I’ve had an opportunity this week to practice with a 5 Card Flickr story. I’ve seen others grapple with this assignment in the past. And it was nice to know I wasn’t alone right here in the family. Mama Boo shared her struggles and story with the rest of us which inspired me to give it a go.

You are dealt five random photos for each draw, and your task is to select one each time to add to your building set of images, that taken together as a final set of 5 – tell a story in pictures. I modified this a bit by telling the story created by the photos in the form of a poem. I find this helps me to get out of my logical mind (what I still have left after a 100 years…) and come from a deeper more intuitive place.  I even chose the pictures based on my intuition. When finished it just feels right.

If there is one thing about ol’ Nana that’s that I’m resilient.

Image Attribution: Tom Woodward (Photos 1,3, 4, 5), Serena Epstein: Photo 2


A promise of beauty, love and eternal life

Stainglass Window
A reality that includes death and decay

Decaying door
Don’t despair. Recover, Rebuild, make new again

The tree of life invites you to open the gate

Where Spring brings a refreshed promise of new life: emerging, unfolding

SpringUnfolding Eternally beginning again