Variations on a Theme: “Where Am I?”

Sappho is up late at night, midsummer, adding some visuals- moving and not- to her repertoire of working on one of the Prisoner themes of “Where Am I?” She is planning her own escape from the Village while working on her art, but is increasingly under the influence of gifanitus, a Village condition of ‘mutuality’. She is eating well and exercising, hoping to become more ‘unmutual’.








Finally, Sappho also put together a small trailer about Freedom and Prison.

And now, it’s time for bed! BCing you…….


Sappho: Languishing in the Village

Sappho thinks she’s been languishing in the summer heat at the Village a bit too long. Her art and design classes have been instructional, and she has had a few conversations with Number 6 privately in his bungalow and over tea at the Village Bistro. Her vision seems to be tainted now with rose colored glasses. image Sappho went to visit Dr. M. in her bungalow to help Sappho with the dilemma of separating illusion from reality and was instructed by Dr M. to contemplate a ‘daily create’ challenge. Dr. M. advised daily contemplation of the following adage ‘Interrupt the flowerbeds and finality will follow’. Sappho was able to transpose nouns in this adage and create a mash-up artwork at the Village Studio to help give her a more expansive view of her changing perspectives during her stay at the Village.   image

Sappho compared her artwork with that of some of her compatriots over a midsummer Village dinner and found that her ideas differed vastly. She still could not maintain ‘design integrity’, a seeming requirement for success in Village life. Dr. M. had even created a sample artwork to help the many Village patients who were dealing with multiple realities.


Sappho was still mainly interested in still photography and writing; although, Village preferences favored the mesmerizing gif format. She understood the gif persuasion – especially its hypnotic qualities which left Villagers in the trance-like state so advantageous to Number 2. She decided to rent a penny farthing at the Village rental shop by the beach and take a day trip to the Bovine County Fairy Tale Fest. The question was whether she could actually escape the Village for a spell or not.



All writing by @janweb3

Mash-up art by @janweb3

Second flower mash-up art by Mariana Funes

Jim Groom glasses and penny- farthing gif by John Johnston

We Can’t All Be Jim Groom – the Fairy Tale

Bernie and I were trying to figure out how to tackle Hans Christian Anderson and writing week. The stories do not remind us at all of Danny Kaye and the slapstick and singing.

As a young girl Bernie would have Rocky and Bullwinkle tuned in on the TV for me to watch – so “Fractured Fairy tales” were always a favorite. It might have been the twist of humor or the current day references in the fairy tale format that grabbed us.

We had thought of trying to tell a Fairy Tale from the point of view of another character much as has been done with The 3 Little Pigs and the Wolf’s story.

Did we mention – writing things like stories that are not based on experience, news releases or documentation, was one of the areas that doesn’t come easy?  – – -So from that memory of fractured fairy tales and taking things we knew about and expanding on them to create a story,  the fairy tale of the DS106 and the Ed Administrator aka- We can’t All be Jim Groom came to be. It may not be along the lines of most of the festival – but for a night on the porch of something a little different – hope you enjoy.

Download the PDF File to read the story.

We also pushed ourselves a little as the PR department has been pretty much visual and print so far, so we did a reading of the story.

We  did work with Flip Builder Pro and created a Flip book that links to the media. Not too many bells and whistles, but a start on learning the features of the tool.  We are going to have to check in with NanaLou’s grand daughter, Rochelle on how to get the flip book shared – we have been running into some technical hiccups.

(more details on how it was developed)

Dr M. teleporting tree house

Hello family!

I have arrived to the family home and am comfortably settled in my tree house as usual each summer. As you know my tree house is very special. It is definitely larger on the inside and is often in the news.

Dr M talks about her Tree House

What you may not know is that I had some adaptations made to it specially for this summer.  We know about our time cycle and the adventures we can have there. Well, I wanted something like it for my tree house. I consulted with many excellent engineers and they have added a teleport button to my lovely house for this summer. Just like the other doctor! the technical term is Tree House Materialisation or THM.

If you look closely you can see the teleport button under the house and the sign for the 'other' village too

If you look closely you can see the teleport button and the Prisoner 106 Village sign

If you load this file and this file into JJ MacGif new clever contraption here, you can hear the tree house materialising as an audio gif! He is so clever. I used this other clever gadget to get the right format file from Soundcloud.

I still need to make cosmetic changes as I need to add my badge for the other Village I am visiting this summer to my front door. I also promised to bring a set of Jim Groom’s for the whole family from the there!

I will leave the box of them out in the front porch of the trailer so that NanaLou can distribute to the family during the festival or before.

Our holiday adventure begins. In the ‘other’ village I am working at the hospital so it is not going to be as relaxing as visiting the family here. Although I hear that some family members are struggling with their identity and may need a few sessions on the couch this summer.

I plan to make sure that our screening room in the tree house has many good video fairy tales to inspire our writing this summer. I also think we need to tidy up our media library or we will soon run out of space. Can I ask the members of the family to remove anything they do not need for this year extravaganza and move it to the shared Google Plus folder not the Dropbox as this folder takes up space in the family’s computers.

A busy summer ahead, I shall look forward to writing my epic fairy tale ‘Tango Butterfly’ for the festival this summer too.

Striking Pay Dirt

Betsy de R. and Aunt Sappy have struck pay dirt!

They are not telling their story quite yet, but they wanted to show the Burgeron family some of their findings in that old tin can they found while digging late at night 2 weeks ago.

Striking Pay Dirt


On their way to the internet cafe to post their news, they passed a sign in Bovine which brought back many memories. What with all of Don’s cows running around lately, they thought it was time to remember some of the chickens at the trailer!


Betsy de R. is sure that the Bovine Herald will pick up on the Bitcoin discovery unearthed 2 weeks ago under the trailer deck.

To listen again to the investigative digging, click here! (that’s for you, Don!)




All writing by Sappho (@Janweb3)


Spilled beans (the Boos’ story revealed)

Well, the beans have been spilled, as they say (though why they say that I honestly don’t know). The story of how I and Little Boo became ghosts has finally been told. I was reluctant to say anything, even though some of the family have been sayin’ I should be telling the story. Honestly, though, I just couldn’t bring myself to.

And once you hear the story, can you blame me? It’s bad enough for folks to wrap their heads around having ghosts in their town, but ghosts who have been abducted by aliens? Why, I figured that might just be too much. And after having been nearly run out of town once, I didn’t want to risk it again.

But now with the other stories of alien abductions, including that of Don Burgeron, well, I think people are just scared enough about the aliens in general to not worry about us in particular. And I gotta say I’m real worried too, because though I don’t remember what happened to us up there in that spaceship, I do have an inexplicable dread whenever I come close to a cow. Which is a real problem here in Bovine, I can tell you. And Little Boo? Well, let’s just say he doesn’t enjoy stories about and spaceships and rockets and aliens like lots of other little boys do. Won’t get near a book about the planets or the stars, no sirree.

I’ve got a huge sense of relief that the story has finally come out, like I don’t have to hide anything anymore. But boy am I worried about the rest of the folks here in Bovine. Why are the abductions starting again? We haven’t had any here since Little Boo and I became the Boos. I thought those aliens had left us for good, but I guess they really like us here in Bovine County. Or maybe it’s a different set of aliens, doing different things to people? I shudder to think just what is going on.

I only hope turning people into ghosts is the worst they do.

The Abduction of Don

There was a time when I guess other folks might have said I had been abducted by drink. And to be sure, there were days like that. Even weeks. And I suppose a couple of years were kinds like that too.

But in all fairness, these last 20 years have been abduction free till last week.

I have read about crop circles and I have watched movies about how some space aliens were the architects behind the pyramids. I have even seen pictures of cows being abducted around these parts by saucers flying over these very hills in Bovine. And I have, for all my life, called it all hogwash.

But I am going to tell you now, there is something strange happening in Bovine and I have seen it.

We have been busy here getting ready for the reunion. I have finished the deck and the community fire pit, and even remodeled our garden so we can feed all those coming to the reunion. Often, I have been working till after dark to finish some of the preparations.

Last Sunday night I was working on the yard by the dog house just finishing some raking and putting leaves in a bag when I heard a high pitched whirling sound. At first I thought it was a big ol mosquito because it sounded close. Sort of. It was one of those sounds that you think could be right in your head or a mile away. Just hard to tell.

So I kept on raking and a short time later I heard it again. But it was farther off I could tell.

It was a nice evening and not yet dark so I took off walking toward the river to see if I could hear it better. I don’t recall how far I got or if I went anywhere because that is about where my recollection ends. It was as if time just stopped for a week and I woke up with a dog liking my face and the sun rising over the hills.

I remember jumping up and wondering how I had gotten to be laying on the ground when the last thing I could really recall was hearing the mosquito sounds and thinking I’d go walk down by the river.

I asked around to see if anyone missed me and not a soul said anything. It was like the night had gone by and I just fell asleep there on the ground. The world went on without notice.

But then the strangest thing of all happened and that is why I am telling you about this. I get up off the ground and walk back inside to the trailer. I see it looks like I left it just before I went outside to rake. I felt strange and I know something was wrong, but I could not put it together. I figured a shower would help so I showered and stood there in front of the mirror making sure I was all still there.

I had taken my watch off before I started raking and I picked it up off the bathroom sink and put it back on. The time was right, about six in the morning. But the date was not right. The date said it was the first of the month. When I went out to rake it was eight days earlier.

At first I figured it was just something wrong with the watch. But standing there in front of the mirror I could see a slight indentation in my scalp just below my hairline. It looked like numbers or letters but I had to look close to see it. As soon as I saw it clearly I knew what it was because it was the damn address of the trailer here in Bovine.

“What the heck,” I said to myself in the mirror. Of course I was looking at the reflection of the thing so it made sense as a 106. But to someone looking at me, it was a g01 or maybe if I was upside down a 901. I was so scared and there I was thinking about me upside down and trying to read whoever was pushed into my skull.

I started screaming. Real loud. Standing there in the bathroom I screamed. And screamed.

No one came running to figure out what was going on.

I stopped screaming and went outside. I stood on the porch and looked over at the rake laying there on the ground. I looked down toward the river. I listened. Nothing but some birds over in the shrubs by the dog house. Nothing. Just a normal morning.

I figured I better write thins down so I don’t forget it is something else should happen.
I am back now. And weirdly, life just seems the same here in Bovine. Hotter than all get out and a few folks wandering in and out. It is as if the whole thing was a dream or maybe I somehow woke up in the middle of the night and drank a quart of rum, missed an entire week, and still woke up not recalling a damn thing? I just don’t know.

And I am not sure I want to know.

I just gotta keep at the raking and cleaning.

Resilience – 5 Card Flickr Poetry

Being a scientist by training, poetry hasn’t always come easy to ol’ Nana Lou.  Thanks to our week one #burgeron106 assignment I’ve had an opportunity this week to practice with a 5 Card Flickr story. I’ve seen others grapple with this assignment in the past. And it was nice to know I wasn’t alone right here in the family. Mama Boo shared her struggles and story with the rest of us which inspired me to give it a go.

You are dealt five random photos for each draw, and your task is to select one each time to add to your building set of images, that taken together as a final set of 5 – tell a story in pictures. I modified this a bit by telling the story created by the photos in the form of a poem. I find this helps me to get out of my logical mind (what I still have left after a 100 years…) and come from a deeper more intuitive place.  I even chose the pictures based on my intuition. When finished it just feels right.

If there is one thing about ol’ Nana that’s that I’m resilient.

Image Attribution: Tom Woodward (Photos 1,3, 4, 5), Serena Epstein: Photo 2


A promise of beauty, love and eternal life

Stainglass Window
A reality that includes death and decay

Decaying door
Don’t despair. Recover, Rebuild, make new again

The tree of life invites you to open the gate

Where Spring brings a refreshed promise of new life: emerging, unfolding

SpringUnfolding Eternally beginning again