Bubba Burgeron found!

Front to back: Comet, Bubba, Teddy, Unknown

Front to back: Comet, Bubba, Teddy, Unknown


Bubba Burgeron

What joy after all these years.  Bubba Burgeron has been found! He was washed away during the big flood of ’57 and of course presumed drowned. Bubba was William’s oldest son by Betty his first wife, who was also lost during the flood.  After William and the family finally accepted the fact that his beloved Betty was gone, he remarried Margie and had two more sons.  The photo above is of the three boys Comet, Bubba and Teddy, at the old one room school house.

Thanks to the work we’ve been doing here on our site and around the internet to get the word out (and back in) about the Burgeron Family, a nice young lady Stefanie from Germany ( @StefanieJ2 ) thinks Bubba may be her father. He was found barely alive in a boat heading to Germany. He didn’t remember who he was or where he came from, just this nagging desire to return to his family in a flooded trailer.

I’ve added her  to the tangle of a Burgeron family tree we’re piecing back together again, along with an invitation to join our site and share more stories of her father. We’re hoping she’ll be able to attend the big family reunion at the end of August in one form or another.

I want to put out an open invitation to anyone else who has information about our family to join us.  If you need access to the website or the family tree just tweet the ol’ lady and I’ll get you hooked up. @Nanalou022



Rochelle Louridge Serenades


Rochelle Louridge singing outside the ol’ Burgeron trailer.

We’re not sure, but another old photo has emerged from the depths of the Burgeron Family archives.  We think this might be Rochelle Louridge, the current CEO of GIFaChrome playing her 12-string guitar outside of the ol’ Burgeron trailer.  There’s a rumor floating around that this recording might actually be of her singing the Burgeron Trailer Blues.

(A few links if you’d like to read more about GIFaChrome’s history and a prized photo on their CEO’s desk that was riffed unmercifully .)

Family Photos Found – Who are these people?

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Well all be… a box of family photos was found at the Burgeron place the other day. We’re not sure who’s who in these snapshots. There were no captions on the back, only the name Louridge on the box. Anybody recognize a face, location or event? And I’m sure there must be more family photos out there. How about posting them to the site so the rest of us can take a look?

There was another box of much older photos, again without any identifiers. If we can’t figure out who these people are, at the very least we should add a caption or two. Help us out here. The comments section is a great place to leave your input.

(B&W photos found on Flickr courtesy of the US National Library of Congress)