Burgeron Blog Update

It’s been a busy week in Bovine County getting ready for the big Burgeron Family Reunion at the end of August to celebrate ol’ Nana Lou’s 100th birthday. To make sure the whole family will be able to participate in this monumental event I’ve (Nana Lou) provided computers and iPads along with a requirement to attend computer classes for the computer illiterate Burgeron’s.


The Burgeron Name Mix-up Resolved

Land sakes, I don’t know how we’re going to keep track of this all. (I hear little Bonnie Burgeron is creating a Wiki for us. Thank you dear.)  And it doesn’t help that we’ve had quite a time with people mixing up the spelling of our family name. Thanks to Don for helping to straighten this out with his post “The Bergerons and the Burgerons

With the hiring of Dr. M., a family genealogist/therapist, we’ve begun documenting a family tree. Why she’s even building her own tree house near the Burgeron Trailer to maintain privacy for her sessions. (If you want access to the family tree site send a tweet to @mdvfunes or @NanaLou022) Ever since that big flood of ’57 we’ve been scattered to the wind. http://youtu.be/74pH86rYIQc With the discovery of an old box of photos we’ve found and identified Burgeron family members, past and present.

and last but not least my great-great granddaughters Bella & Bonnie Burgeron have joined the fun and have begun posting to the family site.

Another noteworthy event this week was Ron Burgeron (a self-proclaimed wanna-be musician) finding and making new recordings of our family song The Burgeron Trailer Blues . He’s even caught the family on tape practicing for the big reunion.


3 thoughts on “Burgeron Blog Update

  1. I did not know what a huge family I may belong to! Here we are just my siblings, mum and dad, also mother’s father. I asked Dad if he remembers now, but, you know, his Alzheimer’s disease adds to the difficulty to recollect.

    You are so awesome, Nana, informing us all so well!


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