The Therapy Tree House – latest news!

Dr M reporting on her preparations for this summer reunion: If you build it they will come.

A few false starts but it is now almost finished

A few false starts but it is now almost finished

Here is what it will look like when the builders hand it to the family on June 21:

Finished Therapy OfficeI hope you are all ready to come for your sessions. We plan to record them and I hope they will not be leaked to the interwebz like the first session I had with Don. I cannot promise anything, if I get paid enough for those recordings heck I will release them!

5 thoughts on “The Therapy Tree House – latest news!

  1. This is a lovely office Dr. M. you are having built for your Burgeron family sessions. And for the genealogist part of your job there will be plenty of room for you to post and sort out the family tree in your tree house. I especially like the design. It goes well with my own place. We both seem to be a little skewed. I knew I hired the right lady. 😉


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  3. Hello, Dr. M,

    When my sister and I were visiting Grandpa Don last weekend, I noticed the lumber and tools and the fancy ceiling fan (the box was open so I peeked) all around the big tree. I was so curious about this because there was no one anywhere to be seen. At first I thought it might be one of Grandpa’s projects because he’s on a roll now with that deck with the fire pit and carving napkin rings from that old cord of wood that didn’t get use up last fall. But then I noticed the blueprint nailed to the tree and know that Grandpa wings it and doesn’t work from plans. But now that I see from your pictures what you’re fixing to do and I can tell you that Bella will be powerfully enticed by all the features you’re adding, like the slide and the tire swing. I have to confess, I’m not sure what the bucket is for but I’m sure Bella will be up to no good with it so you might want to stow that. I will say that the monkey bars are going to be her favorite. She can’t say no to even a lame set of monkey bars, such as if they were too low for her. She’d just as soon hold on to them and just walk back and forth underneath them. Most days during her 1st grade year she’d come home without her lunch being touched — not even a baby carrot ate — because she’d spend her whole recess up on those school monkey bars. And of course she’d have callouses and open sores on her palms when she got home. I even used some of our grocery money to buy her bike gloves — you know, with the fingers cut out — but after a couple of days Bella abandoned them because they got in her way, so she says.

    Well the main thing I wanted to say is that I didn’t know what Nana meant by genealogist when I read what she posted yesterday so I went and looked it up. Of course I had to look up another couple of words to understand the first word fully but I now know that you study and trace the descent (dictionary word, not mine) of persons or families. The thing is, I’ve always had this mighty pull to digging. As far back as I can recall, I was always digging holes in the yard and eventually I got to burying things so that I could accidentally discover them later. I always felt like I was going to find something interesting and never quite did and so burying things to find later worked out pretty well for a long time. Then — on one of my weekends to Grandpa Don’s — Mom got me and Bella a dinosaur book, which didn’t phase Bella none but I got to be overcome with all the sciency stuff at the back of the book and then my digging went to a whole new level because I really thought if I dug deep enough I’d find some dinosaur bones — even in Bovine County. Well, Mom and Dad didn’t like that AT ALL once they figured out what I was up to (it took them about four months for it to register) and they had me fill up all the holes and tunnels…and that’s how come I’m the one who takes care of the front and back yards.

    Sorry, I just get to writing and then I get overabundant… but anyway, I learned in school that people descended (which means came from) monkeys but then I also heard on the TV that maybe we come from lemurs, which would explain Grandpa’s ears, and so I wondered if it’s an undecided thing if it might be possible if we come from dinosaurs. It might shed some light on some things, like how mom, and Bella and me have eczema because Bovine County isn’t much like a rainforest. Nana wrote that you were going to be working on a Burgeron family tree and I was wondering just how far back you plan to go like the Cretaceous period maybe? Anyway (again), I’m not too keen on jungle gyms but would like to look at the Burgeron family tree when you get all set up and settled. Maybe I can show you some of the stuff I dug up behind Grandpa Don’s trailer out past the thicket.



    • Hi Bonnie.
      How smart of you to look up words you don’t know to find out what they mean. This is how we learn. I hope you get to learn lots more about how computers, the internet and making fun digital stories in pictures, sound and words this summer on your computer.

      Your questions about descending from monkeys, lemurs and dinosaurs are very interesting. Maybe you could take some pictures of the stuff you dug up in the backyard. I imagine they could be pretty silly to some people. It is good to work hard, but it is also good for us to play and be silly. Sometimes you learn the best when you are being silly.

      With Love,
      Nana Lou


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