Don and the Damn Dumb Cows

I missed the rendezvous over the weekend as I was off to the south fixing the damn cattle fences. Them cows are dumber than rocks. Who would eat barbed wire? Well, one of our Bergeron Cows would, that’s who. I spend most of the weekend dancing around the patties and the horns trying to fix all the wire along almost 5 miles of fence line.

I am guessing we are still a go here with all these new arrivals and some of the stories being told. And what a fine treat to see so many old photographs of family. We can fit a bunch in the trailer. Seems small but there is plenty of room.

Six years ago when the twister hit Bovine we had about 30 folks here. Some was in the dog house and others on the dirt. But we had food and room for all of them.

I gotta clean this place up a bit and make sure all of the details are in place before I can really get to the real work we must get to doing.

I am inspired by the old Roxy Louridge finding her way with the GiFaChrome. I think she took some of the images of the flood when the house was washed away? I don’t remember. That was a long time ago.


3 thoughts on “Don and the Damn Dumb Cows

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