My Pa (Teddy Burgeron) Kept a Diary

Given the recent conversation about the flood of ’57 I figure I would share a few lines from my dad’s (Teddy Burgeron) diary he kept after losing the house in 1957. I thought it was kind of strange that someone who had so recently lost everything would commit to paper these reflections and take the time to make something that could so easily be swept away with just a bit more than normal rainfall.

Well, there ain’t no explaining somethings and I think that is what my pa thought too. Maybe his way of reconciling his loss was to wonder about things on something tangible like paper. It is hard to say. I have several diaries that he kept. Some are partly filled and some are completely full. Some writing is deep and thoughtful and others are drunken ramblings that are very hard to follow and downright disturbing at times.

The floods here in Texas washed a lot of memories and hopes and dreams downstream with them. My pa was one of the casualties in more ways than one.

This particular part of his diary is from March 12th, 1958.

There was once a Pretty Little River
That roiled up one day,
It took my home, my socks, and my dinner
It took lots of stuff they say.

There was once a Pretty Little River
It watered my cows, my hens, and my roses,
Its taste was not a bit bitter
Now I can’t reach it with 10,000 hoses.

There was once a Pretty Little River
It used to meander right over there,
Now it just gives me nightmares and makes me shiver
Life just ain’t f*&^%$# fair.


Pas Diary

5 thoughts on “My Pa (Teddy Burgeron) Kept a Diary

  1. Maybe we should beep the f-word in Teddy’s poem. There are kids here too (Bella and Bonnie), so we’d better watch out language here.


      • Thank you. Mariana is correct. I’ll filter out those rare items that might be inappropriate for my little one. However, in this boisterous and transmissive world, our 8 year-old has been (and many others, I imagine have been) exposed to this and worse, and she understands the place and purpose of indelicate language. Thanks for your concern and consideration but you may carry on as usual, unfettered. Let’s make Pa Burgeron proud.


    • My pa got pretty loose with words. I went ahead and amended the poem. Dad loved kids and I am sure he would understand!


  2. I am so proud to see my family in action like this. Providing a safe space for our little ones like this can be seen as a sacrifice or a great opportunity. We have our moments, good and bad like any family. But when it comes to raising a family, we know how to do it right. My grand daughter @Rockylou22 may be inviting a few more little ladies who are interested in learning how computers and stuff work this summer. Nothing set yet.


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