I Have a Different Middle Name Every Day

This is a post from my sister, Bella.

Hello I’m Bella Burgeron. My parents didn’t give me middle names but that’s okay because I have a different middle name every day. Most people ask why. I think I should tell you the story. So my parents had a store with personalized products with names on them. They sold mugs, key chains, shirts, sweatshirts, toothbrushes, globes and gloves. But they went out of business and we still had all the products. And every day I use a different mug, key chain, shirt, sweatshirt, toothbrush, globe, and glove.

I’m eight years old and today my middle name is Rosalina.

Rosalina Toothbrush at Sink

Bella Rosalina’s toothbrush at the Sink.

From Bella Burgeron’s journal:

05-25-14 Bella Rosalina

You can click on this picture to see and read Bella’s journal.

3 thoughts on “I Have a Different Middle Name Every Day

  1. Aww… My dear little Bella, how confusing at such a young age not to have a stable middle name. We may need to have a chat to your parents about allowing you free access to such dangerous multiply branded marketing tools… I am trying to create a picture of your whole family, who are your parents darling Bella Rosalina? Of course by the time you read this you will be Bella Something else! Dr M ( I have a little tree house at the trailer where you can always come and we can talk about the challenges of multiple-middle-name syndrome or MMNS as categorised by DSM V)


  2. Hello Bella dear. I’m so happy that your big sister Bonnie is going to help you share your stories with the rest of the Burgeron family this summer. Writing in your diary and having Bonnie post them on our family blog is a great idea. Did you come up with that idea? Well wherever it came from, I’m glad and I’m looking forward to reading every one of your stories.

    You know your ‘ol great-great grandma Nana Lou is going to be 100 this summer and I’m having a great big family reunion and party to celebrate. Maybe you’ll be able to make some of your origami for us as place cards at the family dinner table. You’ll have to make a lot of them though. Our family is quite large.

    With Love,
    Nana Lou


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