NanaLou’s Digital Fridge

As a kid having your prized #Burgeron106 art projects posted onto NanaLou’s refrigerator meant it was “real” art.  I’ve always been oh so proud of my family’s creative masterpieces –  no matter what their age. But these days things are different. How can a refrigerator magnet attach an audio or video file? Or, heaven forbid, an interactive digital media project?  Ol’ NanaLou has figured it out with my new “digital fridge” that can display any of my family’s art projects. Simply click an image on the fridge door to find out more.

VisualAssignments1442: Storytelling Collage

NOTE: For an optimal user experience, use a computer rather than a mobile device to interact with my digital fridge door.

The hardest part about making this digital refrigerator door with the image mapper software was (through trial and error) figuring out I needed to make my original image 600px wide.  Anything bigger than that wouldn’t map correctly when it was actually displayed on our blog.


#Burgeron106 Fridge Magnet

Burgeron106 Magnet

5 thoughts on “NanaLou’s Digital Fridge

  1. Well, but I was trying to open the door to see what kind of snacks you had plus if the light was on when it was closed (I can test that by going inside and closing the door) but I couldn’t get the door to open when I tried it.

    Maybe all those things on the front are too heavy for me to open it.

    But it is still a nice fridge. What kind of a make of a Fridge is it? Because I could Google the manual and find out how to sneak in.


    • Ah, Miss Tina I am sorry that you couldn’t get in to see our #burgeron106 digital refrigerator door. I’m not quite sure I understand how I can help. Were you trying to access it via a mobile device? Only my desktop & laptop gave me the 600px window width that was needed to have the image map work properly.

      What is your operating system? Not sure if that will have an effect or not.

      The make of the refrigerator? Not sure, maybe you could figure it out from this.


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