Sappho Visits Bungalow #6


Sappho took a side trip today to visit #6 at his bungalow in the Village. She found the atmosphere electric as he told her about having discovered the secret fallout shelter under the hotel in the Village. He recounted how on one of his attempts to escape the Village, he had accidentally discovered a hatch along the abandoned hedges at the beach. When he investigated further and opened the hatch, he found a network of tunnels under the Village, culminating in a heavily fortified bomb shelter. He described the comforts of the shelter to Sappho, but the one photo he managed to take gave Sappho a good idea of the modern decor afforded to those who would be privileged enough to occupy the shelter in dire times.


Sappho was overwhelmed at this recent revelation, and returned to her more modest bungalow to watch re-runs of ‘The Prisoner’ series on her old  black and white TV which she had bought in the 1960’s. Patrick McGoohan was one of her favorite TV stars.


Sappho had read about how Patrick McGoohan had created the series, written 7 of its episodes, had created a 40 page draft of Village life as a backgrounder to the story and had serendipitously discovered that a plastic weather balloon could take the place of a menacing ‘Rover’ which the film crew had originally built out of wood but which sank to the bottom of a lake on its first ‘menacing’ mission.


Sappho had a large collection of books about fallout shelters. Some of the titles were “The Fallout Shelter Handbook from 1962”, and ‘The Congressional Fallout Shelter at Greenbrier Resort”. These titles reminded her of the  tensions in the early 1960’s.



3 thoughts on “Sappho Visits Bungalow #6

  1. Well, you certainly have made a good start on mapping some of the lesser-known areas of The Village. It really can get to be quite fun to make use of all the secret passages and underground caverns that this place has when enjoying a game of Hide and Seek with Friends. Rover and I used to spend hours and hours hiding from one another during that summer. She sure is good at the seeking part — but I am sure you know who is REALLY good at hiding …

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    • True friend! You speak words of wisdom plus you always seem to know more than your true friends do! Thank you for reading my blog, and I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for Rover in the underground.


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