Don’s Drones for Bovines



Don Burgeron continues to use drones to move his cattle.

I just don’t know about that boy!  Don continues to use drones to move his cows,  flying in  the face of the Bovine County Sheriff. And Sheriff B. Good is not pleased at all. I just don’t know about that boy.  Smart yes, but his lack of common sense is going to be his downfall someday.  The sheriff has said, “No!” to his creative cow moving drones. He just won’t let it die. He says using the drones on his own property is no business of anybody else – including the law!

Several members of the Burgeron family have been reporting on his shenanigans and other cows being abducted in the area – more recently with the use of drones to abduct Bovine County cows in the mysterious AREA 106.

Anna Cow showed photographic proof of Don’s flying cows. While Sappho shared a couple of news clippings on the sheriff’s reactions to all of this. The latest being her revelation of the Bovine County newspaper expressing anger with the drone abductions.

I’m not sure if Don’s involved with these new abductions or not. But he certainly hasn’t given up on using the drone’s to move his cattle around at the Burgeron Trailer.

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