The Porch: Celtic Series Poster- All around the region!

The Porch: Celtic Series 2015 Poster

NanaLou has again made sure all family is entertained and enriched during the summer retreat. The Family Story Time under Dr. M’s Treehouse is underway and the kids are happy! They await the next story with great anticipation.

After the kids are settled into bed, the adults gather at “The Porch”, usually around sunset to share, jabber, and socialize. There are some pre-scheduled performances and also just some impromtu improv that can be stories, music and much more!

NanaLou has told us that there is a story and song brewing that involves our own Anna Cow and her admirer – Super Moo.

To make sure all family and friends know the debut is coming, a poster has been created by the PR team and will be put up around the county. Virtual attendance is encouraged for non-family so that you have the best seat in the house. Watch for the announcement when it will be available!

Celtic Series Poster



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