Sheep Shed #TvsZ Safehouse

It was a long day yesterday running & hiding from all those Zombies.  I’ve managed to keep myself alive along with a few of my friends. My safehouse at #NanasPlace was a life saver indeed.

Using Storify I was able to capture our conversation to share with you all.

==> CLICK HERE to follow the complete Storyfied experience at #NanasPlace <==

Those Zombies didn’t get us, but they were lurking right outside.  We could hear them.  Begging for body parts…… tsk, tsk….

==> CLICK HERE to follow the complete Storyfied experience at #NanasPlace <==

IMG_2209I was so exhausted that I slept through the night.  I wrote down some notes for today just before I nodded off.  I posted my #picsafe (A photo taken during the game and tweeted to #TvsZ gives humans immunity from Zombies as long as they are quiet.) kept me safe throughout the night. That horrible Zombie horde must’ve been tired after all that carnage.  They were pretty quiet last night.

But the morning rays did not bring peace to the Burgeron Family trailer.  We are still vulnerable.  There has been talk of antidote, but we humans are skeptical.  I doubt there are too many synthetic organic chemists among their lot.  And the humans are too busy just surviving to hang out in a lab.  And what about test subjects? Now that would be a tough one. Those Zombies would have no problem with biting the hand that feeds/cures them.

We are going to continue to need safe places to hide out until either we succumb to the Zombie infection or a cure is found.  It’s up to us remaining humans to do all we can to help the human race survive.  No tough guys left in Bovine County to protect us any longer. “Tough guy” Jean-Claude Van Damme ran away yesterday along with the Burgeron sheep leaving the #sheepshed as a #TvsZ #safezone for us.

“Tough Guy” Jean-Claude Van Damm ran away from the Zombie horde along with the Burgeron sheep. (Read about the making of this GIF here.)


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