@Gifadog – stay dog!

After protecting his own and other humans for much of the afternoon, I sleep.

After protecting his own and other humans for much of the afternoon, I sleep. (change caption at: http://cheezburger.com/8230493696)

Well, I never imagined the distress of it all. When my human Dr M suggested we take a little detour through TvsZ country on our way to the trailer for the summer, I thought it would mean I would get to hunt rats! I had a dream that….

My dream of hunting

My dream of hunting

Dr M suggested that a few of us took the weekend to travel through TvsZ country. As we were all departing Friday the nightmare started. Zombies started to overrun, we had to run and hide like the rats wanted to hunt, and I found myself hunting zombies instead.

Even my chum @dogtrax was zombified and was now after me. And I had tried to help him earlier when he used his #bite by mistake.

Nothing matters to Zombies, just eating brains. Kind of like what I am like when I chase a rat, I even try to bite the human that feeds me if she tried to stop me.

Anyway, so I offered my swipe to humans, I taunted Zombies but as the whole nightmare started I made sure my own human was in a safe house. One Built by our very own Ron Burgeron @ronald_2008. He has not been seen during the last 24 hours, he may be safe in that very same safe house….

So now as I wake up refreshed from a night at the safe house – the house with no windows #thnw – I decided to invite other humans into it. I hope I get it right with the invites…this dog needs to work out the scoreboard before breakfast to know who to invite.



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