#TvsZ Poetry

A Zombie Human Love Poem

by #TvsZ

Exhausted from running
and carrying all these
damned knitting needles,
I throw myself
onto this filthy floor
and sleep.

Nana Lou is fearless
Filled with moonshine
And bravado
She picks up a shoehorn
To battle the zombies

She falls to their charm and becomes enamored instead

And @NanaLou022, too
Are chilling in the sewer
What’s a zombie to do?

Swarming is tough,
The rules can be rough.
But zombies like verses
Just like they like hearses.

Gnash gnash gnash
With teeth sharp as knives
Searching for brains
Will we swarm like hives?

Listening, always listening
For their moans
Their breathing
The shuffle of their feet
Their terrible
dangerous teeth

They’re gathering
I hear their voices
The swarm approaches
And yet strategic
They keep getting closer.

No way to take a bite
Or nibble on their toes
Guess I give up the fight
And admire my foes.

beautiful sunsets wild roses the dead and the undead alike are as one in the can

My eye burns,
and my ear bleeds.
Silence from the #poem,
is what this zombie needs.

O Zombie O Zombie
Where can u b
Its me Nana Lou
O can’t u c?
An admirer from afar
with your ear in a jar



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