Highlander Don


Don Burgeron stars in Braveheart with his bovine battalion at his side. (Original Movie Poster)

The Family was having so much fun this week riffing on movie posters that I decided this ol’ gal would have to take a go at it. Even Dr. M got in the act by creating a new DS106 Assignment: The Best Bond is a Dog.

With the flick of my Photoshop magic wand, cloning tool, and healing brush Don Burgeron is now starring in the hit film Braveheart with his trusty bovine battalion at his side- Anna Cow in the lead.

But that’s not all, as I was doing my research on the poster and movie I came across something very interesting.  That buzzing sound Don Burgeron heard last week before he went missing? It was quite possibly a time warp forming to pull him back into the 16th century where he first became a Highlander fighting bravely for the Burgeron106 clan back in the DS106 Highlands in 1536. There is a rumor going around that Don is seriously being consider for the starring role in the new Highlander remake that was to start filming in 2014 when lead actor Ryan Reynolds exited the movie  last summer.


Don Burgeron stars in the 2014 remake of Highlander. (Original movie poster)

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