Puffin Fairies Invade The Village

Talk about “Jammers”… The #Burgeron106 Puffin Fairy Flock discovered Dr. M’s teleporting treehouse this week.

They invaded the #Prisoner106 Village



declared war on The General.


I hear with the help of the #burgeron106 Special Forces they stole the General’s design secrets for Speed Learn before blowing up that old mainframe computer. NanaLou will be announcing soon her own plans using this technology for the good of all – as it was meant to be.

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3 thoughts on “Puffin Fairies Invade The Village

  1. Well, I think this will make a nice addition to the already very pretty Village. The puffins fit right in with the flowers and the pretty Rover, don’t you think? Sure, they blew up the general, but it was for good, not evil!

    It took me awhile to notice the puffin to the bottom right in the second gif before the explosion. It looks very sneaky!

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  2. Great overlap!
    I too marked the professor blowing up scene – the puffins really add so much more to it. Mama Boo is right -they fit in so nicely in the Village. Can’t wait to see how they use the speed learn formula.


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