Village Visuals Snapped by Sappho

Sappho spent the day wandering around the Village with her camera and took a few snaps of things she found normal and things she found somewhat abnormal. She was very confused at the end of the day about which was which. She first came across the intercom phones made by National.


The Village, still further illustrated and explained….image



Sweeten up your day at the Village!


Organic blueberries at the Village! Why not?


Bovine’s whimsy on everyone’s mind at the Village.


Bovine Fairy Tale’s pixie dust invades The Village at the Bistro.

beanstalk bistro

In case you thought the prisoner idea was a new theme, check out St. Peter’s Chains! Sappho took a quick research side trip to Rome. Somehow Moses got in on the act!


The General’s ‘Generating Whole School Improvement’ Power Point Presentation

The General

Bomb Shelter Location Revealed!!


Her best snap of all! A portrait of # 6.


Last of all, here is a spectacular gif by John Johnston she wished she could have made. Sappho is keeping it in her portfolio as inspiration.


Backgrounder (Summary)

As someone who really did live in the 60’s, the themes of this Prisoner series seem all too prophetic! My art may not be as technically spectacular as some participants in this open course, but I have taken the themes to heart, and I try to allow the art to evolve as I think about the content of the episodes I watch. I am also inspired by the creativity and technical expertise of others as I follow the Twitter and G+ posts. It is good to see that others can also not maintain design integrity! I am having a lot of fun combining the Bovine Fairy Tale Festival with The Prisoner series; although, I think I am now a full fledged prisoner of ‘The Prisoner’!


Photos and edits by @janweb3

  • Michelangelo’s Moses light- up sign taken in Rome; chains in background are St. Peter’s (Prisoner theme is not a new one!!)
  • Bean Stalk Bistro sign taken at Granville Island, BC
  • Blueberry Picking sign take at Kraus Berry Farm, Aldergrove BC
  • Photos of Portmeirion memorabilia taken from Six of One Society Facebook Page
  • The Prisoner with camera gif by John Johnston

Finally, Sappho was able to make a decent gif from the Prisoner film she is calling  ‘Where Am I?”. She used LunapPic for the conversion of her snipped film clip to animated gif.


4 thoughts on “Village Visuals Snapped by Sappho

  1. I thought I recognized the Bean Stalk Bistro image! I really like the bomb shelter gif and the image of Number 6. “I have seen the future” on his button is very interesting.

    And the powerpoint slide from The General is priceless! Where did you find that slide? It’s just perfect, especially with the round frame, which really fits for some reason I can’t put my finger on.


    • Thank you for your comment, Christina! The PP slide was a slide from a conference I attended, but I doctored it up on PP to make it look more ominous and used the oval frame which somehow just seemed to fit. It seems many Ed conferences are offering solutions! The General had it all figured out until he was hit with the ‘Why’ question.


  2. Sappho – these are brilliant!
    You have been a solid and ongoing inspiration for the meshing of the villages. Your story threading skills are a great springboard to all for creating. A true example of collaboration. Bringing our strengths and combining with the strengths of others makes us all successful and for greater outcomes. I personally appreciate your creativity and sharing as it helps my learning and imagination and you help so much in filling my areas of need for improvement. Keep it up!


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