Press Release: Burgeron106 Story Time Production – Not a Number

Bernie and KathyO have been busy trying to keep up with PR requests and needs and worked on a press release to be sent out to announce the #Burgeron106 Story Time series for 24×7 enjoyment. (at end of post). There is actually a format for these sorts of things for them to be accepted by media outlets. Guess the town grapevine is only good locally. In the past just bringing out some of the family brew around the campfire would spread the news. So new skills are being worked on by the PR department.

Why a Virtual Attendance Option?

Well – traffic has been heavy and county resources are being maxed out – all due to the celebrity status of the Artists in Residence. Just 10 days into the summer festival and so much has been created, drawing even more attention to the region! In order to keep things safe and manageable for county residents promotion of virtual attendance is being pushed to the forefront so nothing is missed that wants to be seen or heard by interested visitors to the festival.

Add to that – The recent information leak that Anna Cow is expected to win this year’s Daisy Award for best actress in a fairy tale! The region is buzzing with paparazzi and reporters in addition to festival goers. It’s getting crazy around here! It still needs to be a summer retreat.Daisy Awards

Artists have been churning out art faster than butter! Here are only a few so far, with too many to list. Please explore and discover through the recent posts. You won’t be disappointed.

The PR team is also working behind the scenes to make sure residents of The Village of Prisoner106 receive information and access to Bovine Fairy Tale activities in order to remind them, “You still have a choice. You can still salvage your right to be individuals. Your rights to truth and free thought! Reject this false world of Number Two . . . reject it NOW!!”.

Through the FairyTales  Village residents will be able to uncover information – real information and remain independent persons if they have not yet been processed into being a number.

The PR team is also on the watch for morning announcements created for The Village by Artists in Residence which send messages to those who are still hanging on to independence.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears video production to be released week of July 14 after final editing and music inclusion by @VivianRolfe and @dkernohan for intro and credits. Here is the news release for sending to any media outlets available.
(as a note – an IFrame of Google worked in the post!!)

Working for the Artists!
The Bovine County PR Team (Bernie and KathyO)

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