The Lady of Stavoren

This is a work in progress. Taking an old Dutch legend about the town of Stavoren and its sandbank in the Netherlands , with a throwback to Ring of Polycrates found in Herodotus, and adapting it to the DS106 Summer 2015 Fairy Tale Festival. Each edition will be different as I learn about the story and take inspiration from others who have tackled it. Credits forthcoming. be continued…..

I Movie made by @janweb3

Steep learning curve with I Movie. Here is the next version which develops the story a bit more. I added some filters for color and some background sound.

I Movie made by @janweb3

ok, version # 3 Some audio issues as I went from recording on Iphone to Ipad, but I think I can fix it on the IMovie app. Trying to incorporate the Burgeron tale in the background of the Dutch fairy tale as the DS106 crew is ever capricious and always in the background of this fairy tale fest!!

This is my final version.


Voice reading by @janweb3

Text read: an edited version of The Lady of Stavoren.

Movie made with Imovie and Bazaart.

Photos by @janweb3

The Lady of Stavoren is an old legend of Stavoren, Netherlands.

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