Artists In Residence – Badge it!

In order to make sure that the Artists in Residence are easily identified from the festival visitors, the Burgeron PR department created a badge of identification that will help festival goers easily determine the work sites of the Artists involved. Visitors can look for the badge on sites to be assured an artist is a real Bovine County Fairy Tale Artist in Residence.

Artists In ResidenceGet your Badges HERE.
There are 4 sizes for you to choose from. All are the same GIF – only dimensions are different. The width size is in the file name.

Bernie and I are honored to be PR for the festival – but we still have some learning to do in order to become more timely and responsive. We are glad we got the badge completed before the end of the first week of the summer festival as the artists begin arriving. Festival goers will be able to plan their itineraries of events by locating displayed badges.

Those who are interested in the Rube Goldberg process Bernie and I managed our way through can see the details here.

The Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival Summer is underway and is causing quite an influx of activity to our quiet county this summer of 2015. The Burgeron Family has been arriving and will continue to come and go over the next weeks. NanaLou has organized and provided some “snow fences” for the artists in residence to focus on creation rather than day to day management. This is a summer retreat after all and should be about creating and moving ahead on one’s own path. But having some bendable fences creates opportunities for collaboration.

Since the grand event of Nanalou’s birthday celebration last year, many of the Burgeron family have reached celebrity status. The Trailer song went viral and drew a huge fan base and Cousin Ron’s time cycle is a primary attraction of interest. Anna Cow having an out of world adventure also brought attention to the county and a group of interested followers. All these events have created a water fall (almost like the flood of ’57!) of interested people finding the Fairy Tale Festival as a reason for a visit to the area.

All contributing Artists are encouraged to send an Avatar photo, name, and any other links or info they would like to share to be posted on the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival PR Website. The PR group knows you are busy creating and does not want to burden you with tangental creations while you are working thru the Fairy Tale Workshops. But as always – if there is a promo you want to work on or add to your work on behalf of the festival please let us know so that we can work with you! Our department is mostly based on volunteers so the more the better.

You can send files and any info to, leave a message in the comments here, or Tweet a message thru the hashtag #burgeron106 to connect.

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