‘Sappho’ Imprisoned by #Prisoner106


I am Sappho. I am resigned to be part the Village this summer. You will find me at #prisoner106 as the ‘village lyricist’. I will be attempting periodic side trips out of the village to join the Bovine Fairy Tale Festival which officially began June 29. I see cross – pollination potential, and so let the mash-ups begin!

Fact: I am resigned because I have been told that ‘there are no loopholes’.

Fact: I am resigned because I have been told that a still tongue makes for a happy life.

Fact: I don’t know how to maintain design integrity.

Fact: I think; therefore, I am not a number.

Background Facts (Admin. needs information)

#1 Fact I like to tell stories. I love to listen to and create stories.

#2 Fact #prisoner106 is a story based on the original creation of Patrick McGoohan who also acted in the lead role as ‘Number Six’. A short synopsis of the story:

Number Six spent the entire time – spanning across 17 episodes – attempting to escape from The Village and trying to find out the identity of his captor, the elusive Number Two. As he frantically explores his environment, he discovers that its inhabitants are identified by number instead of by name and have no memory of a prior existence or outside civilisation. He repeatedly declares: “I am not a number – I am a free man!” 

#3 Fact I was introduced to the ‘Prisoner’ series by DS106.

#4 Fact


your village
#6 Fact I created my Village registration card by converting the proprietary .psd file supplied by the Village Office to .jpeg and used Bazaart app on my Ipad to insert my facial image and text identifying myself and my role in the Village.
 Here is the original .psd registration file.


Sappho recommends this: Interview with Patrick McGoohan.


Fairy Tale Festival Schedule

Fairy Tale Festival Schedule

1 thought on “‘Sappho’ Imprisoned by #Prisoner106

  1. It is wonderful to see you here. I know that Number 2 has to suppress a little smile each time another Resident has completed moving into The Village.

    You are now SO close! Our Village Registrar has found your post because you shared it via Twitter. Please add a separate “prisoner106” tag so that we can find it! Your #prisoner106-#burgeron106 tag is being seen as something else. These registrars and bookkeeping types can be so picky!


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