#Burgeron106 Infiltrates #Prisoner106

The big news this week hasn’t been the official opening of the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival as anticipated.  Although the first workshop, “Holland Works The Web” was announced.  And there’s an active project underway to record a version of “Goldilocks and The Three Bears.”


What’s really captured the attention and imaginations of the family at the Burgeron place has been the new transporter retrofit at Dr. M’s tree house. What innocently began as “gawker” trips to The Prisoner106 Village have become more and more frequent and some members of the family have succumbed to the sweet siren’s call of #Prisoner106. They’ve handed in their resignation and received their official village ID cards in order to partake of the full amenities available to the compliant residents of The Village.


Cousin Ron => https://plus.google.com/104078047498793487097/posts/cF9UQGHTmXb

Aunt Sappy => https://plus.google.com/112076250988242598096/posts/YpuRBXJv9Zw

Bernie Burgeron posts =>https://plus.google.com/+KathyOnarheim/posts/X7hewccQbyr




Upon seeing this alarming development I made a plan to infiltrate The Prisoner106 Village to keep my Burgeron106 family safe and help them escape should that prove necessary. Becoming a resident of The Prisoner106 Village retirement home was an obvious fit.  With the added benefit that I could feign sudden on-set dementia and Alzheimers if I got caught and they pressed me for information.

To get my credentials I was able to forge a fake village resident card by hacking into the the Village Office computer, downloading their layered PSD file and creating my own card. It was an easy hack.  Minor issues I had to deal with were downloading the official village font (Village.ttf available at dafont.com  or Village.ttf available at theprisoneronline.com)  and deciding what my village role would be: explosives expert (read more…) and Biomedical Engineer so I’d have easy access to the hospital.

My quote was trickier. I wasn’t familiar with “The Prisoner” and hadn’t started watching the secret tapes yet that I’d found. So I pulled up Wikipedia to peruse popular Prisoner quotes until I found one that I liked.

“Oh certainly, but both sides are becoming identical. What in fact has been created is an international community–perfect blueprint for world order. When the sides facing each other suddenly realize that they’re looking into a mirror, they will see that “this” is the pattern for the future.”

Another troubling development is what appears to be a glitch with Dr. M’s transporter technology. I’m quite alarmed.  A little background research on her  transporter technology developers should raise eyebrows as to their technical mastery. I’m questioning whether these guys have even a minimal understanding of Einsteins Theory of Relativity.

It turns out that when she uses the treehouse transporter time stops in Bovine County until she returns.

How is this going to impact our Fairy Tale Festival?  If time stops here in Bovine County while our family is away, when they return will it be as if nothing unusual had happened and we simply pick right back up where things left off?

Am I the only one who realizes this time stopping phenonmemon is occurring? Will it be okay to let the family run their course with the #Prisoner106 village until they have reached their fill?

2 thoughts on “#Burgeron106 Infiltrates #Prisoner106

  1. Okay, all you Bergeron folks. We need to sort out a way to get your blog posts filtered through to the prisoner106.us site. If you each make a post and tag it with prisoner106, we will have our office registrars (the guys that continuously rotate and go up and down on that silly teeter-totter thing in the Control Room) lock onto your respective posts. I’m sure we have the technology, we just need you to tag your stuff.


  2. This is good! But remember that when time stops, there might be some time flux leakage. All will not be quite the same when time restarts. You cannot step into the same river twice (ask The Village Philosopher if she knows who said that).

    Be seeing you!
    His Retired Eminence


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