Burgeron Babes In Fairy Tale Land

The Burgeron children have been playing and preparing for the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival.  Some more patiently than others.  Our evening story time has been a big draw for the little ones, not to mention all of the reading going on at quiet-time every afternoon.  I’ve got a whole book shelf of old illustrated fairy tales left to me by my grandmother that the kids can borrow.




My 4 year-old great-great grandson DJ and I have been reading from the fully illustrated, “The Old, Old Fairy Tales“, a collection of classic fairy tales published in 1890ish by Mrs. Valentine. One of his favorites is, “The Three Bears”. Sometimes Mama Boo and Aunt Sappy join us to do the voices for each of the bears and little “Golden Hair”.  Aunt Sappy, to the delight of all of the children, has also been sharing fairy tales she’s writing herself-  most recently of “The Lady of Stavoren.”

You might enjoy checking out some of the on-line fairy tale collections that the older kids have found and recommend festival goers have a looksie.

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