Nr 6 at the trailer ?

Nr 6's thoughts

During an experiment Nr 2 with help from Nr 14 (the doctor) manage to look into Nr 6’s thoughts, dreams.

They display these onto a large screen.

As we can see from this still, Nr 6 must have been at our trailer earlier, for how else could he have these displayed thoughts, memories?


2 thoughts on “Nr 6 at the trailer ?

  1. Indeed, how else? Might it be possible to that you have been in my secret room at the Tree House and found the memory embedding machine? No. I am sure nobody knows that I am using it for my assignment on signs at the village, or do they?


  2. Doesn’t come as a surprise to me that Dr M has got a memory machine at the tree house. Any shrink would have that nowadays.
    Why still make notes? Just record all with the memocorder.


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