Ron Burgeron at the village – update: Timecycle works !

Ron Burgeron at The Village

I’m old Ron Burgeron. As you can see my part in The Village is to be the Time Traveller. If you want to know how I got to my timecycle, just click here where I’ll tell you the whole true story.

Ron’s quote from The Prisoner comes from the second episode where the Colonel while playing chess says “we’re all pawns”.
Well, Ron Burgeron might be a pawn in a bigger game he doesn’t understand, but he’ll never be a number!

If you want to hear old Ron sing about the love of his life, you can listen to what happened that night in Bovine TX right here.

The timecycle works! Ron can escape The Village by using his timecycle.


3 thoughts on “Ron Burgeron at the village – update: Timecycle works !

  1. Hey, Ron! This is great! We we see you as an author on this post. But I think that you need to look for the tag field on the editing page and put prisoner106 in there as a tag. Then it will show below where it says “This entry was posted in Story by Ronald L Bookmark the permalink tagged prisoner106” or something like that. Until then, we can’t filter to find it.


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