Dr M’s Tree house in the news

Dr M talks about her Tree House

Dr M talks about her Tree House

Read the full pre-publication article 

As Dr M starts to open up her home ready for the reunion on August 16th, we have uncovered a pre-publication article from The Telegraph that seems to show not all is as it seems inside the tree house or in Area 106. There has been much scare mongering about what is actually going on in Area 106 as concerned citizens in Bovine try to discover its exact location and purpose. The article seems to show an hitherto unknown connection between Area 106 and Dr M and it suggests that its purpose is to carry out research in Eco-living.

(….and thanks cousin Froid for noticing this was an example for our week 5 computer class. Dr M decided to create an example rather than a long post this week. But the link for this week open course is available for the family to do as many assignments as they want!)



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