Ron in jail for larceny in 1904?


This damaged photo has been delivered to Dr M this evening. It is not very clear but after some detective work she was able to get a close-up


Dr M fears that Ron was getting into more trouble than he will admit to Reg in his latest revelations about the time-cycle. North Shields? 21-07-04? Larceny? The time stamp is European not American…may be some other members of the family can clean up the photo a little more and if we find that time-cycle anywhere nearby! Poor Nana Lou she will be so shocked about these unsavoury secrets coming out.


2 thoughts on “Ron in jail for larceny in 1904?

  1. Darn Dr M, now it’s all in the open! I kept this hidden for so long.
    I do hope Nana’s heart condition can take this news.

    I was sure better looking than nowadays. Handsome guy wasn’t I?


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