Ron in jail for larceny in 1904?


This damaged photo has been delivered to Dr M this evening. It is not very clear but after some detective work she was able to get a close-up


Dr M fears that Ron was getting into more trouble than he will admit to Reg in his latest revelations about the time-cycle. North Shields? 21-07-04? Larceny? The time stamp is European not American…may be some other members of the family can clean up the photo a little more and if we find that time-cycle anywhere nearby! Poor Nana Lou she will be so shocked about these unsavoury secrets coming out.

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Mariana Funes is published author, chartered psychologist and meditation teacher. In 2015 she completed a 3 year retreat as an 8-precept contemplative in the world. Her current research interest is digital contemplation. She is contributing to the creation of a digital monastery at the where her focus is online insight dialogue. Her writing on this blog now seeks to 'increase the visibility of psychology and raise public awareness of its contribution to society' as stated in the aims of her professional body The British Psychological Society.

2 thoughts on “Ron in jail for larceny in 1904?

  1. Darn Dr M, now it’s all in the open! I kept this hidden for so long.
    I do hope Nana’s heart condition can take this news.

    I was sure better looking than nowadays. Handsome guy wasn’t I?


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